Weekly Round-Up, 4-28-17

Oh, hello. We didn’t see you there. We’re a little bit distracted by this week’s news. Why? Read on:

  • As you probably already know, the Core Banquet took place this Tuesday. Word & Way’s “Core on the Street,” unveiled for the first time ever at the Banquet, is now available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.
  • A roughly 8-foot sculpture of Aristotle has been restored and returned to its rightful place in Assos–where, it is said, he opened the first-ever philosophy school–in Turkey after being vandalized over a year ago.
  • Imago Theatre of Portland, Oregon, presents a rather gruesome production of Medea, beginning April 21 to May 20. With limited props and a tilting stage, the play builds off of a 2014 version of the tragedy by written by Ben Powers.
  • Shakespeare’s plays face extinction because Americans are too dumb to understand his genius, fears Washington Post contributor Peter Marks. Meanwhile, the lesser-known Shakespearean play Timon of Athens, directed by Robert Richmond, will be taking place May 9 to June 11 at the Folger Theatre in D.C.

Wyndham Lewis's pen-and-ink drawing illustrating Timon of Athens. (Folger Shakespeare Library ART Box L677 no.7)

Wyndham Lewis’s pen-and-ink drawing illustrating Timon of Athens. (Folger Shakespeare Library ART Box L677 no.7)

  • Moreover, the Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company is setting its own production of Much Ado About Nothing in 1959 America. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Pensacola Opera Center in Pensacola, Florida.
  • To top it off with more Shakespeare news, the American Shakespeare Center of Staunton, Virginia, hopes to find plays that vibe off of and are inspired by Shakespeares work”–all 38 of them. And we know at least some of our Corelings have written Shakespeare fanfiction. Now is your time to shine!

That’s all for today! We hope that your last week of classes of the semester goes swimmingly!

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