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Ancient Greek Music

Since we’ll be looking at the Ancient Greek Acropolis in our next CC101 lecture, we thought you might be interested inlearning more about music from the time.    

Postcards to the Core: from Rethymno, September 2018

Our Core alumna, Kat Monahan, sent us a postcard all the way from Greece! Here’s what she reflects on during her time in Rethymno: Sept. 12, 2018 Γεία σου, Κωρ! Hi Core! Wishing everyone an auspicious start to the 2018-2019 school year. I’d like to propose a Classics alumni trip to Crete so I can […]

Upcoming in CC 201: Don Quixote

This upcoming week, our CC 201 students will take on the seemingly daunting novelwritten by Miguel de Cervantes:Don Quixote. This door stopper of a book details the adventures of haphazard knight and his bumbling squire as they traverse a Spain that has moved on from the world of knights and chivalry. Though this book is […]

Wear your Core shirt this Friday for a $25 gift certificate!

The Core Curriculum invites you to fly your Core flag this Friday for #IheartCore Day. Since folks will be visiting BU for Friends & Family Weekend, we want them to see how large and fashionable the BU Core community is. Here’s how to participate. Wear your Core teeshirt this Friday, October 19th, and make sure […]

Postcards from the Core: From Hydra, September 2018

A postcard from Hydra, Greece, written to Prof. Murphy from Core sophomore William Denton, marking the start of the semester. How coincidental considering this fall we’ll be going back to Ancient Greece in CC101 and 211! * Core loves postcards. Whether youre at home or abroad now, wed love to get one from you. Our […]

Postcards to the Core: From Bari, August 2018

                Oh boy, more mail! We’ve just heard from BU and Core alum Peter Michelli, currently doing research in southern Italy. Dear Stephanie, Cliff, Rose and Zach, Sending Regards from Bari where I’m on my first (!) archival trip! (And they let me in!) Sincerely, Peter Michelli   […]

Postcards To The Core: from Washington, D.C., July 2018

                We are delighted to receive our first postcard of the summer! This one comes from Core alum and rising junior Hannah Jew, currently interning in Washington, D.C. Hello Core, Everything is beautiful at the ballet… and everything is swampy in D.C. My internship is going nicely, but […]

Virginia Woolf on Not Knowing Greek

In her 1925 essay “On Not Knowing Greek,” Virginia Woolf laments our weak understanding of Greek language, and how even the best translations leave behind critical inflections and allow misconceptions of Greek culture to overshadow the truth. Leave it to Woolf to understand the importance of the smallest details- just as she shows the reader […]

Oldest Fragment of the Odyssey?

Looks like a far cry from the nice paperbacks we use now! Before editions of the Odyssey could be printed, bound, and tossed into a backpack, and before the story was first recorded on tablets, it was passed as an oral tradition that changed slightly with each retelling. After Homer recorded the story in writing […]

Slow and Steady: the Value of Slow Reading

Imagine the difference between enjoying a relaxing, sit-down meal and scarfing down a granola bar while riding the T to work. While many would prefer the former, sometimes we must sacrifice quality and enjoyment for practicality. But should we treat reading the same way? The folks over at The Indy thought the same thing in […]