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When a Picture Captures a Thousand Words

Art can make or break a book. Look at book covers: the stately classics with only a stately name or a picture that looks older than your great grandma, non-fiction collections with their suave patters, biographies with pictures that tell you exactly the type of light the unsuspecting subject will be cast under. And of […]

A Little James Joyce for Us All

There was a brief period at the beginning of the 20th century that has lived on, constantly finding its way into our hearts, through the works a few genius (if, perhaps, morally questionable) men: the Paris of the 1920s. Some of the greatest minds came together and created, leaving behind a legacy that has tantalized […]

44 New Words

The Oxford English Dictionary is supposed to be the pinnacle of the English language. It is hallowed, beyond reproach, the pinnacle of dictionaries for all the world to see, with all the words that deserve to be part of it allowed within its covers and with none of the words that don’t deserve to be […]

Where are the Women?

Marie Curie, as well as all the people shown above (find out more about them here), is an inspiration to all aspiring scientists; a two time Nobel Prize winner as well as the discoverer of both polonium and radium, Madam Curie left her largest mark on the world through her extensive and revolutionary studies on […]

Hamlet the Unloved

Happy Monday Scholars! And what better way to begin the week than a brief re-examination of Hamlet. Yes, I know you read it in high school and were probably annoyed by the often obnoxious guy that is Hamlet (or perhaps he spoke directly to your heart, I couldn’t say), but now you’re in Core, which […]

The Perfect Place to Curl Up with a Good Book

As a Core student, one of the first things we learn is that finding the perfect place to snuggle up with The Republic, Dante’s Divine Comedy, or even the latest chapters from your Physical Science textbook. The perfect spot could be anywhere: the cozy beanbag in your dorm room, a secret spot in Mugar that […]

Brian Doyle’s Advice on How to Become a Writer

To anyone who ever aspires to one day be a published author, the question of how to become a writer is never far from the mind. The reason could be because the label is rather insubstantial. Unlike becoming a doctor, where the boundaries are set so clearly that even your name changes from Mr/Ms to […]

What’s the most intellectual joke you know?

Nothing’s better than subtle humor. Whether it be an obscure reference, an inside joke, or something that takes a couple minutes on wikipedia before anyone can laugh, getting something that takes a minute creates endless satisfaction. To those avid redditors out there, this post is nothing new. Two months ago, StickleyMan asked reddit “what’s the […]

A Review of The Great Gatsby

In case you, like a few of us, didn’t manage to find the time to hit a movie theater up this summer (or perhaps need a little convincing to give Baz Lurhmann another shot), here’s a review of The Great Gatsby that made me want to give the movie a try: But that’s Luhrmann in […]

Diana Wylie named Fulbright Research Scholar

Professor of History Diana Wylie (who has been lecturer, seminar leader, and course coordinator for Core in previous years) will be leaving us for a while. Don’t get too upset though; she’ll be spending that time as a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar in Morocco. Prof Wylie has long been interested in this area of the […]