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E-bulletin for week of 9/18/11

LECTURES THIS WEEK CC101: Jennifer Knust on Genesis (9/20) CC105, Tuesday: Tereasa Brainerd on relativity (9/20) CC105, Thursday: Forum — Is the world deterministic? (9/22) CC201: Jodi Cranston on Michelangelo (9/20) CC203: Thomas Barfield on The Muqaddimah (9/22) A reminder to alumni — if you will be in Boston during a scheduled course lecture, and […]

Analects of the Core: Assyrian bas relief

Today’s visual Analect is an Assyrian bas relief from the collection of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, in Brunswick, Maine: “Winged Figured with Embroidered Tunic and Shawl”, from Northwest Palace, Nimrud, Iraq. Gypsum, 90 9/16 x 58 13/16 x 6 7/16″, 883-859 BC. Gift of Dr. Henri B. Haskell M 1855 (1860.2). Students may […]

Six Quotes: Zank on Genesis

“Genesis starts with ‘In the beginning’; and that is always a great place to start.” “The Bible’s stories, laws, and beliefs decisively influenced the western imagination; biblical heroes became models for kings and commoners, and taught westerners how to act, what to pursue, how to govern and rule.” “The Bible has been many a person’s […]

How to prosper in Core, part two

More advice from Core alumni reaching out through the Core Facebook Wall and the EnCore online community to support first-year students in their first fall in Core. See the first batch here. Jennifer Formichelli, Core lecturer:: Read all the books in a quiet place in a nice chair with your cell phone and computer off. […]

Analects of the Core: The Old Testament on Cain’s conception

Today’s visual Analect is taken from Robert Crumb’s sumptuous Illustrated Book of Genesis (Norton, 2009). Click on the thumbnail above to view Genesis 4:1-15.

E-bulletin for week of 9/11/2011

LECTURES THIS WEEK CC101: Michael Zank on Genesis (9/13) CC105, Tuesday: Scott Whitaker on “Motions in the Earth” (9/13) CC105, Thursday: Alan Marscher on “Motions in the Sky” (9/15) CC201: Michael Corgan on Machiavelli (9/13) CC203: Thornton Lockwood on “The Ancient World & Social Science” (9/15) A reminder to alumni — if you will be […]

Analects of the Core: Malinowski on the ephemeral material of ethnology

Ethnology is in the sadly ludicrous, not to say tragic, position, that at the every moment when it begins to put its workshop in order, to forge its proper tools, to start ready for work on its appointed task, the material of its study melts away with hopeless rapidity. – Malinowski, Argonauts of the Pacific, […]

Prof. Phillips tracking gas leaks in Boston

Professor Nathan Phillips, of BU’s Department of Geography and Environment, coordinator in Spring 2012 of CC106, has earned a reputation as a passionate advocate for sustainability. In 2007, BU Today recognized him for maintaining a zero-emissions office, powered by a bicycle generator. This summer, he made headlines in the Boston Globe for using a personal […]