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Weekly Round-Up, 4-21-17

Greetings, Corelings! Are you excited about classes winding down? Or are you slowly spiraling into the void as you plunge into studying and writing final papers? Regardless, here is the weekly round-up: In case you missed it: The online version of the Core Journal has been released! Thank you to our editorial staff and contributors. […]

Weekly Round-Up, 4-14-17

Hey there, scholars! Excited for the day off on Monday? Here are this week’s links to get you geared up for the long weekend! This Monday marked the beginning of Passover, a holiday that commemorates events we may recognize from the Book of Exodus, that is, the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. […]

Weekly Round-Up, 4-7-17

Why hello there, scholars. Fancy meeting you here, on the longest-running weekly series of posts on the Core Blog. What’s that? This is theonly weekly series on the Core Blog? …Ignore us, then. Read on: Jean-Jacques Rousseau is misunderstood, says Nelson Lund, guest blogger for the Washington Post. His book, Rousseaus Rejuvenation of Political Philosophy: […]

Weekly Round-Up, 3-31-17

Hello there, scholars. Are you ready for your weekly installment of Core-related news? We bet you are. So without further ado: Amid controversy surrounding Jane Austen and the so-called alt-right (as you know, Austen’s opinion on today’s politics is highly sought after; we will get back to you scholars once our staff sprites return from […]

Weekly Round-Up, 3-24-17

What’s shakin’, scholars? This week is jam-packed with news and articles on Gilgamesh, St. Augustine, Walt Whitman, and more. Read on: A cylinder clay seal hailing from the Akkadian period (2000 BC) of Mesopotamia and depicting a scene from the Epic of Gilgamesh, along with 40 other antiquities from Iraq, will find its way to […]

Weekly Round-Up, 3-16-17

Welcome back, scholars! Sometimes we like to think of the weekly links as the Core gossip page. We’ve got celebrities, gross diseases, controversy… Well, you’ll see. Read on! Palpatine–er, Ian McDiarmid–plays the titular character in Faust x2, a musical and condensed version of Goethe’s poem, adapted by the actor himself and directed by Lisa Blair. […]

Weekly Round-Up, 2-17-17

Good afternoon, scholars! This week we cover events around BU campus, two plays, and a new museum. Read on: Around Campus: CFA presents Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Stephen Pick, next Wednesday (Feb. 22) through Sunday (Feb. 26). General admission in the Lane-Comley Studio 210. (See, there’s so much Shakespeare in this world […]

Weekly Round-Up: Shakespeare Edition, 2-10-17

OK Corelings, we want to make a bet (mostly because we know we will win). What if we told you we could fill an entire round-up with current Shakespeare-related news and still keep it interesting? Read on: Shakespeare in the Park, a summer festival that presents theater performances for free to the general public, is […]

Weekly Round-Up, 2-2-17

Lucky you, there are two link compilations this week! (Find the special Epic Times edition here.) The world of literature and the arts are simply booming lately. Read on: Director Phyllida Lloyd presents the conclusion to a trilogy of Shakespearean plays with her retelling of The Tempest. Set in a women’s prison, it explores themes […]

Weekly Round-Up, 1-27-17

Good afternoon, scholars. How was your first full week of classes? If it involves Core, then it was probably the height of excitement. A cooking blog called The Little Library Cafe features recipes based on books, including titles by Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare. We’re hoping that the chocolate eclairs based on Mrs. […]