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Fun Fact for Saturday

All of us at the Core office have our little thing that is just sooooo annoying we can’t even stand it. For some of us, it’s the inherent sexism behind a guy holding a door open for a girl; for some it’s using who instead of whom, and for some it’s someone not having read […]

Political Vonnegut

Good morning, scholars! How’re you feeling? Has the second round of midterms got you down? Finals seeming close? Excited to go home for Thanksgiving? We are. You’re doing well? Haven’t given up yet we see. Good. Let’s talk about war. To be more specific, Kurt Vonnegut’s short yet humorous, in the sick way only Vonnegut […]

Alumni Profiles: Danielle Isaacs

(Core ’07 CAS ’09) Years at Boston University: 4 years. Current location: Washington DC. Company and Title: Fine Art Specialist at Weschler’s Auctioneers and Appraisers Recent activities: Danielle writes: I completed my MA in fine and decorative art at the Sotheby’s Institute in London in 2011. I organized a sale of vintage film posters at Weschler’s from […]

If Everyone Were Reading Cervantes, Maybe We’d All Be a Bit Nicer

We know; it’s getting to be the hard part of the semester. Midterms are just over, or they’re just winding down, or you’re one of the smart few looking ahead a couple weeks to see them starting right back up again on the horizon. Finishing The Republic or Don Quixote, Paradise Lost or the Odyssey: […]

Jay Samons & ‘What follows Democracy?’

Prof. Samons gave his famous Trireme lecture last Tuesday – a most exciting highlight of CC101 according to our alumni! Refresh your memory with some select quotes from previous years: “Triremes were built to kill. You can’t have fun on a trireme. You can’t water-ski behind one. You can’t hold an afternoon BBQ on one. […]

A New Bubble

Remember the Quebec student protests of two years ago? Those students were protesting the rise of their tuition from $2,168 to $3,793. This seems almost ridiculous to us at the Core office. Our tuition has been raised that much almost every year that we have studied here to increase our tuition from roughly $54,000 (with […]

Visiting Writers Series: Joseph Campana

The News Report covered Joseph Campana’s campus visit on Friday September 27th as part of the creative writing program’s Visiting Writers Series. Joseph is a Renaissance poet, scholar and critic, and has been a Core instructor!               Joseph Campana is the author of “The Pain of Reformation: Spenser, Vulnerability, and […]

Core Alums Saying Hi From Morocco

Core Curriculum alums Lola Adewunmi and Zoe Guy (Core class of 2013) send us greetings from these beautiful Moroccan ruins. With midterms still haunting our dreams and the cold weather sneaking in through the window, I bet we all wish we could join them.

Machiavelli: still shocks 5 centuries later

CC201 has started off the semester by dabbling, among other things, in Machiavelli’s The Prince. Many were acquainted with the work from their high school years, and many were not - all admit it remains potent and relevant today. This post for The National Interest highlights the way in which The Prince still shocks today. A sample: […]

A Little Bit of Romance

Novels seem to have a love affair with the questionably romantic. Authors definitely love to make us flinch and shiver at their pseudo-rape/incest/Sadomasochistic, generally self-destructive, all consuming romances. This Huffington Post article provides a short list of 17 of the most screwed up, abusive, and down right disturbing relationships that circulate through the literature we […]