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Machiavelli: still shocks 5 centuries later

CC201 has started off the semester by dabbling, among other things, in Machiavelli’s The Prince. Many were acquainted with the work from their high school years, and many were not - all admit it remains potent and relevant today. This post for The National Interest highlights the way in which The Prince still shocks today. A sample: […]

A Little Bit of Romance

Novels seem to have a love affair with the questionably romantic. Authors definitely love to make us flinch and shiver at their pseudo-rape/incest/Sadomasochistic, generally self-destructive, all consuming romances. This Huffington Post article provides a short list of 17 of the most screwed up, abusive, and down right disturbing relationships that circulate through the literature we […]

Maths & Science: popular until tasted

Relating to the frustratingly constant and reliable doubts that some students feel toward their majors, is an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing the choice of field. Their claim is that mathematics and science majors are relatively popular – until of course, students realize ‘what they are in for’. Here is an excerpt: The researchers […]

Isaac Asimov the Great

Isaac Asimov. The man, the mind, the side burns. Undoubtedly one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. And also, wonderfully, an old BU professor of biochemistry who left Mugar library a vast collection of manuscripts, notebooks, letters, etc. This is a man of almost endless abilities who surprises us with every fact […]

Literary Flashbacks

Nothing’s better than a good old throwback: something that’s proved itself as timeless but still evokes feelings of a different time. A good old 60′s sheaf dress, afros, black and white films, even books. Who can’t say they love Hemingway at least in part (a big part) because 1920s Paris sounds divine. And if you […]

Curiosities Maps

There have been marauding gangs of ‘curiosities maps’ on the Core’s Facebook page – here are some highlights:                                                                           […]

Short Story: Short Film

Memory is a strange beast. Something can live in the memory for years with barely a trace left. Then, suddenly, it comes back in waves — floods, really — at the slightest touch. Something we never could have expected or prevented. This short story by Daniel Hudon (someone who, until recently, lectured and taught for […]

The Ultimate Bromance

We know it’s long past the beginning of the semester; Gilgamesh has long been pushed out of your mind by Genesis and other such greats. Maybe a little reminiscing would not be out of place though. What text could be more deserving than Gilgamesh, considering the complexity yet purity, the extreme ancientness of being the […]

Check out Chekhov: He will give you social skills

In a post for the NY Times, Pam Belluck describes a recent study on the effects of literature on social interaction: After reading literary fiction, as opposed to popular fiction or serious nonfiction, people performed better on tests measuring empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence — skills that come in especially handy when you are trying to […]

Dogs Have Human Emotions

Any caring dog companion cannot deny the special, human bond they share with their furry friend. However, when it comes to the legal system, dogs, along with other domesticated animals, are treated much like property. Research over the past few decades has worked to prove that animals, in particular mammals, share many of the emotions […]