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H.M. Naqvi

 Husain Naqvi’s book, Home Boy, was accepted for publication some time ago. At last we have a little cover art to look at. Even if Amazon isn’t providing us with searchable content within the novel itself just yet, at least we know what to look for when it hits the shelves on the 25th of […]

Schmuel Traum Prize

Katherine Hollander, GRS ‘06, was named first prize winner of this year’s Schmuel Traum Prize in Literary Translation, for her translations, from the German, of poems by Else Lasker-Schüler. Says Katherine,”I’m happy and humbled, since Traum himself seems to have been an extraordinary person who, like Lasker-Schüler, was a German Jew who loved European languages […]

The Old Man From Highwater

Swann Li I             In the early morning when Father Fan came home, on his back a bamboo tub of newly dug-up peanuts, muddy and wet, the rain was still falling. Shafts of water were beating on the stone slabs in the yard, splashing up into hundreds of fuzzy dandelion blossoms, wetting the feathers of […]

AAP Anthology

It seems to be Rachel DeWoskin Week here at BU Creative Writing. We’ve just learned that her poem, an AAP Contest winner from the year 2000, has been selected to be included in the newest Academy of American Poets Anthology.

Playwriting Award

More good news: I’ve just learned that Stephen Barkhimer (GRS ’07) has won the National John Cauble Short Play Award, from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, for his play Hard Rain. Just so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, this is a huge deal.  In addition to being an excellent playwright, Stephen is also a […]

Prize Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of several awards: Nikki Bazar is this year’s winner of the Florence Engel Randall Prize in Fiction. Caroline Sterne is the recipient of the Paul T. Hurley Prize in poetry for 2009. Shilpi Suneja is the recipient of the Saul Bellow Award for fiction for 2009. And Renee Emerson’s […]

Tiananmen Square, 20 Years Later

As some of you may know Rachel DeWoskin (GRS ’00 and mentioned in the previous post) spent a large part of her life living in China. She’s just written a piece for NPR, looking back on the Tiananmen Square massacre, and its historical significance. You can read the full text of her article on the NPR website. (Photo […]

Rachel DeWoskin

Creative Writing alumna, Rachel DeWoskin (GRS ’00), will be reading from her new novel Repeat After Me, her fiction debut (her wonderful memoir Foreign Babes in Beijing first appeared in 2005), on June 9th at the BU Barnes & Noble, starting at 7:00 pm, in their 5th floor reading room.  Congratulations, Rachel, and here’s hoping everyone can […]

Bits of Good News

I’ve just found out that several of our students have been published, or will be shortly. Maya Sloan, GRS 2007, has published “Christian Living” in Passages North, and a quick Google search tells me she’s got stories forthcoming in Boulevard and Driftwood. (There may be a book on the horizon as well, but let’s hold […]

Commencement, May 2009

Christopher Martin, Michael Towers, and Alexis Kozak, moments before the commencement ceremony began. After commencement, our three students celebrate with William Fancher.