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Caballo Chops

Caballo Chops          (accompanied by guitar)   Caballo sat on the bus near me,      Unmoving and self-contained as a cactus. His moustache handlebarred over his lips,      His potbelly pigged out over his nickel belt buckle. Like a Navajo Coyote his heart was hidden deep away      And […]

The Old Man From Highwater

Swann Li I             In the early morning when Father Fan came home, on his back a bamboo tub of newly dug-up peanuts, muddy and wet, the rain was still falling. Shafts of water were beating on the stone slabs in the yard, splashing up into hundreds of fuzzy dandelion blossoms, wetting the feathers of […]

Prize Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of several awards: Nikki Bazar is this year’s winner of the Florence Engel Randall Prize in Fiction. Caroline Sterne is the recipient of the Paul T. Hurley Prize in poetry for 2009. Shilpi Suneja is the recipient of the Saul Bellow Award for fiction for 2009. And Renee Emerson’s […]

Bits of Good News

I’ve just found out that several of our students have been published, or will be shortly. Maya Sloan, GRS 2007, has published “Christian Living” in Passages North, and a quick Google search tells me she’s got stories forthcoming in Boulevard and Driftwood. (There may be a book on the horizon as well, but let’s hold […]

Commencement, May 2009

Christopher Martin, Michael Towers, and Alexis Kozak, moments before the commencement ceremony began. After commencement, our three students celebrate with William Fancher. 

Teaching Advice from a Former Teaching Fellow

Teaching your own undergraduate course at BU is a great learning experience. You make your own syllabus i.e. make students read whatever you want, whatever you think is good literature and worth learning from. Hearing their thoughts on the assigned reading is also rewarding. But first you have to make sure that they are actually doing the […]

First Business, Grads, Global Fellows

Hello, Creative Writing community. Welcome to our first entry on the crwr blog. This page is here to serve you in whatever way it/I/we can. At the moment, we’re preparing to slowly say goodbye to the outgoing class, that is the class of 2009. A few of these have already handed in their theses and are […]