DEMS Students

2014-2015 Masters Candidates


Brittany Andersen

Brittany’s research interests include media psychology, cultural studies, user experience, and visual rhetoric. Her current project explores the perceptions of wearable technology in the medical field and the diffusion of medical technology. 

lcLei Chen

Lei’s research interests are based on how new media content shapes user’s perception on social concepts. Her current project studies how Instagram posts influence user’s understanding on the idea of clean eating. She hopes to use her analytical and research oriented skills to assist a company/organization on gaining more audience insight.

jfJennifer Filiault

Jen came to the Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University with an interest in the relationships between political/social movements, new communication technologies and social media.  After graduating from the University of Vermont in 2007, Jen began community organizing work in Massachusetts to build support for renewable energy in her hometown on Cape Cod.  She incorporates her EMS studies into her work to help grassroots organizations implement strategic communications, broaden public education and coordinate activist campaigns through new media platforms.

kmKate Mays

Kate’s research interests include media convergence, and the effects of emerging media on individuals and their relationships. Her current research examines young people’s use of Facebook in identity construction and self-presentation during the transition from high school to college.In Fall 2015, Kate will be continuing her studies in the Emerging Media Studies PhD program at BU.


apAdrien Park

Adrien’s research interests include social media as marketing tool, social media usage, and web audience tracking. His current project explores development of narrative in Twitter during a terrorist attack.

lsLauren Sale

Lauren’s research interest is focused on civil and social changes as they unfold on social media platforms. Her current project explores active and passive Tweets within two major social movements and how these messages can have an impact on offline activism efforts.

ksKiran Seth

Kiran’s research interests are based around the use of new media by non-profits and the impact of media on how gender-based issues are framed. Her current projects explore how social media is used within university environments based on strategic communication principles, and how controversial issues such as same-sex marriage are framed in new and traditional media platforms.


sawyerKristina Sawyer
Kristina’s research interests include gender and cultural representation in media, social networking, and phenomenology in gaming environments.

Katharine+ParkeKatharine came to BU’s Division of Emerging Media Studies with an interest in digital storytelling, technology, digital strategy, and social media.  She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA in 2014 where she received her bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Studies.  Her research examines college students’ use of hashtags, their participation with feminist movements online, and the narrative construction of social movements through these new communication tools. &