Student Projects

DEMS Students have taken an array of courses throughout three semesters. These courses and projects have given students to gain a deep understanding of emerging media from a social science perspective, hone research and data analysis skills, and prepare themselves to be the experts in emerging media. DEMS classes require a mix projects completed for an outside client and those completed as class assignments. The following examples of students’ projects display their exceptional outcomes from the program.   

Client-based projects:

JO 550 – Online Journalism (Johnson)
Interactive Website Development: Follow Your Food by Adrien Park, Ana María López Jijón, Chelsea Trim, and Lisa Dukart

EM 757 – Developing Interactivity (Guo)
Interactive Website Development
For her final project in this class, Kiran Seth worked with  Kala Ghoda Association to develop a website for the organization. This website allows audience to learn more about this organization, including its mission and goals. The audience can also learn about India’s largest multicultural festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.

Interactive Website Development
For his final project in this class, Adrien Park worked with Project TEACH Korea to develop a website for the nonprofit organization. This interactive website introduces the goals and missions of the non-profit organization based in South Korea to gain more awareness from Korean audience.

Class-based Projects

EM 500 – Introduction to Emerging Media (Shanahan)
Essay: Social Media Spiral of Silence  by Lauren Sale (Fall 2014)

Presentation: New Media and Politics by Lei Chen and Ruyu Wang (Fall 2014)

EM 737 – Emerging Media and Communication Policy (Carter)
Essay: Cyberbullying: Multifaceted Approach to a Complex Legal Problem  by Kate Mays (Fall 2014).


EM 797 – Network/History (Groshek)

Essay: Revolutions of Emerging Media(Telephone) by Kristina Sawyer (Summer 2015).