BU is the Best

By: Kacie Rioux

People love to complain. Whether it is about the weather, how much work they have to do or how annoying their roommate is, people are always whining about something. I often hear students (and sometimes myself) complaining about how much they are sick of the dining hall. However, all that it takes to stop the grumbling is a trip to another campus’ dining hall to realize how lucky BU students truly are.  First of all, most schools only have one dining hall and maybe one or two retail options and coffee shops. BU has five dining halls, all with online menus, so you can get exactly whatever food you are craving. And not to mention the food is absolutely divine. Seriously, have you been to the Fresh Food Co. at West Campus?panorama with students Few other schools serve meals that include such high class options like rosemary polenta and BBQ brisket.  BU Dining Services also offers almost 30 retail options, including three easily accessible Starbucks! Most of my friends who attend other schools would die to have Starbucks every day, but for BU students, it is an easy reality.  So stop complaining! Be happy that your meal plan includes many options and does not force you to subsist on Ramen noodles, Oreo cookies or whatever your mom can include in a care package.

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