Meet the Chef Night

By: Kacie Rioux

If you are like me, then I am sure you will agree that it’s getting to be that time in the semester where your go-to standby meals in the dining hall just aren’t cutting it anymore.  Luckily, BU Dining Services is working hard to make sure your taste buds are entertained by offering special meals across campus dining halls to help break the monotony. The Meet the Chef series has been happening in every dining hall throughout the year and is giving the executive chef of each dining hall to showcase a dish of their choosing. carlospOn Wednesday, Spanish flavor came to Shelton Hall as Chef Carlos Parejo brought his Colombian background to diners. His breaded pork chops with Spanish rice and fried yucca topped with a shrimp cream sauce were a unique treat for diners looking to break out of their typical salad bar or pizza routines. The next Meet the Chef event will be on March 7th at Warren Towers if you missed out this time.  Whether it is Make a Difference Monday or the Student Iron Chef competition, BU Dining Services is always striving to offer new and interesting dishes and provide students with plenty of delicious options whenever hunger strikes.

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