University Grill vs Sal’s Pizza

By Kelsey Hopper

University Grill & Pizza and Sal’s Pizza are two popular family-owned institutions located on Boston University’s central campus.  University Grill also known as “UGrill” has been open since 1960 and is currently run by four brothers and offers an extensive menu from pizza and salads to Gyros and wraps.  SalspizzaSal’s pizza specializes in New York Style pizza offering slices that are each a quarter of the pie with specialty pies ranging from Quattro Formaggio to Meat Lovers.  I went to both pizza places to try them out for myself and see how the pizzas stacked up against one another.  University Grill & Pizza was the first on the agenda.  Decorated in sports memorabilia UGrill is the perfect spot for any Boston sports fan to hang out. In regards to the menu there were a variety of options but I choose to stick with the pizza so I ordered a cheese pizza.  The pizza was made to order and came fresh out of the oven minutes after I ordered.  The crust was of medium thickness and topped with fresh tomato sauce and gooey cheese.  The pizza was a bit greasy for my liking and rather heavy on the sauce.  Although this pizza might not have been my favorite, the service was fast and the brothers were appreciative of my service.  Overall I don’t think I’ll be returning to UGrill for a pizza, however I would be interested in returning try the Gyros and sandwiches.  Moving on to Sal’s Pizza, I decided to swing by around lunchtime and give it a try.  Known for their pizzas by the slice, I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn down the chance to try the “Biggest Slice on Campus,” so I ordered a slice of Sal’s famous pizza. UGrill The pizza’s are made fresh in house and put on display ready to be chosen and served up by the slice. After being ordered, each slice is then heated up in the oven for a few minutes and comes out hot and bubbly.  The crust was very thin, just the way I like it, and had an even amount of sauce and cheese, neither overwhelming the other.  Although Sal’s only serves pizzas, calzones and salads you will never feel like you are missing out.  With several specialty pies and numerous toppings to create your own pizza there is something for everyone at Sal’s.  The pizza that I ate at Sal’s Pizza was by far my favorite from the two establishments.  We are lucky to have both University Grill and & Pizza and Sal’s Pizza located on our campus but for me the thin crust, non-greasy pizza and extensive toppings choices sealed the deal making me a Sal’s fan.

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