Dinner Preview to 100 Bay State Road Dining

By Kelsey Hopper

As the semester begins to wind down, it become difficult to even fathom any thoughts of next semester, but last Thursday night the dining halls did just that and introduced all BU students to the dining fare that will be available in the new East Campus dining facility next semester.  MYLSHELTONVCSThursday evening, the dining halls across campus were packed with students ready to try out the new menu.  From flat breads and crepes to burgers and assorted desserts, it seems like the dining hall at 100 Bay State Road will have it all.  Many students even sampled more than one dish, as there was such a wide selection to choose from.  Some favorites included the flat bread pizzas, grilled chicken crepes, mac and cheese, and the Bay State Burger.  However, the biggest hit of the night came at dessert with mini cheesecakes and chocolate fondue.  The dining hall staff even wore hard hats and vests, reflecting the construction at the East Campus Center site.   With the preview of the new campus dining well received by students, it seems like BU Dining Services is on the right track to delivering tasty and satisfying menu options for students next semester.

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