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An open email to Dr. Dawkins

Dear Dr. Dawkins, You don’t know me. There’s no particular reason why you would, at least not yet, but I’m a philosopher and theologian who has followed your career from a distance for several years. Like many people I know I’ve often thought of writing something in response to your anti-religious views but today I […]

CFP: The Soul

  St Anne’s College, University of Oxford 28 June – 1 July 2013 Conference Précis: Ever since Descartes, the soul understood as immediate mental consciousness has tended to stand as a last bastion securing religious belief against naturalistic reduction. But today that bastion is under assault from the ‘new atheists’. However, the bastion is proving […]

Summary of Todd Dill, “From Marriage to Holy Matrimony,” from Writings on Marriage: The Journal of the Bishop’s Task Force on Marriage, Convention Edition, edited by Greg Jones, The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, 2009

Abstract There is a significant difference between secular marriage in general and sacramental Holy Matrimony. Scripture presents this higher, more demanding, ethic of Holy Union as rightly centered on Christ, lived out within a community of faith, marked by mutual love of other as self with the expectation and intention of a life-long commitment, and […]

A Summary of “Faith, Hope, and Love: Theological Resources for Blessing Same-Gender Relationships,” Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, 2012

Preface (2-4) & Overview: Theological Reflection on Same-Gender Relationships (4-12) The Episcopal Church asked the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to “collect and develop theological and liturgical resources” for the blessing of same-gender relationships (Resolution 2009-C056). This text was written in response to that call and is offered as a resource for reflection on how […]

CFP: Sensing the Sacred: Religion and the Senses, 1300-1800 (York, 21-22June 2013)

Sensing the Sacred: Religion and the Senses, 1300-1800 The University of York 21-22 June 2013 Confirmed keynote addresses from: Nicky Hallett (University of Sheffield), Matthew Milner (McGill University), & Chris Woolgar (University of Southampton) Religion has always been characterised as much by embodied experience as by abstract theological dispute. From the sounds of the adhān (the […]