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An open email to Dr. Dawkins

Dear Dr. Dawkins, You don’t know me. There’s no particular reason why you would, at least not yet, but I’m a philosopher and theologian who has followed your career from a distance for several years. Like many people I know I’ve often thought of writing something in response to your anti-religious views but today I […]

How politics is like track & field

Many progressive/liberal (read, democratic party) friends have recently been (finally) voicing outrage over the sorts of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional actions that led me to not vote for President Obama. (Just so it’s clear, the President is far too conservative for my tastes.) Like much of our news media they seem to be just now […]

Sandy Hook

So, the “ban the guns” talk is already well underway. It’s entirely natural and right to look for solutions to tragic violence like we’ve seen today but I’m afraid that the problem is far more difficult than access to weapons. The problem is that too many want these weapons for evil purposes. Fixing that is […]

On Douthat & Butler Bass

Since the General Convention of the Episcopal Church this summer there’s been a war of words of sorts brewing on various blogs and even among more traditional media outfits. On one side, there are those who see the progressive nature of recent changes in the “mainline” churches as a woeful departure, if not outright disaster, […]

The $ Cost of War