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Cambridge Platonism on

There is an ever growing bibliography of philosophical papers and monographs on the Cambridge Platonists available at Cambridge Platonism [Text, BibTeX, EndNote] If you have bibliographies to add to this project you can do so directly on or send them to the category editor, Derek Michaud (Boston University & University of Southern Maine).

CFP: The Legacy of the Will

Journal of the Northern Renaissance Issue 4: The Legacy of the Will Submission deadline: March 2012. Expected date of publication October 2012 This special issue of JNR will seek to explore the slippery notion of the ‘will’ and its various semantic permutations in the context of such issues as subjectivity, power, logic, desire, freedom, volition, […]

Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body: Mystical Sensuality edited by Thomas Cattoi and June McDaniel

Available 11/8/2011

Hedley on Sacrifice

Sacrifice, Transcendence and ‘Making Sacred’ Douglas Hedley (2011). Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Volume 68, July 2011 pp 257-268 ABSTRACT Despisers of religion throughout the centuries have poured scorn upon the idea of sacrifice, which they have targeted as an index of the irrational and wicked in religious practice. Lucretius saw the sacrifice of […]

SEP: Johannes Kepler

Daniel A. Di Liscia’s new article on Johannes Kepler has been posted on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Here’s an excerpt: Johannes Kepler (1571–1630) is one of the most significant representatives of the so-called Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries. Although he received only the basic training of a “magister” and was professionally […]