Monthly Archives: October 2010

Seminar on the History of Libraries

FROM: “RENAISSANCE LIT“ What sort of libraries were there in medieval and Tudor England, apart from those of the monastic houses and the Crown? What sort of access to books was offered by institutions to the laity, in towns or even in the countryside? The scale on which libraries were set up in hospitals and schools […]

The 2010 New England Renaissance Conference

Saturday, October 9, at Yale The day will involve two panel discussions with distinguished speakers from several disciplines (History, English, French, History of Art, History of Science); breakout sessions in Yale museums; and a keynote address by Juliet Fleming (English, NYU). For more information see here.

The depth of religious ignorance

Recently much has been made of the findings by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life that show a remarkable lack of religious understanding in the US. While this widespread illiteracy is nothing new (especially after the attention given to the topic by Stephen Prothero and more broadly in the wake of 9/11) many […]