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ABC & Dawkins to Debate at Oxford

‘THE NATURE OF HUMAN BEINGS AND THE QUESTION OF THEIR ULTIMATE ORIGIN’ Sophia Europa (Theology Faculty), Oxford University in the presence of The Chancellor of the University of Oxford THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, PROFESSOR RICHARD DAWKINS AND SIR ANTHONY KENNY THE SHELDONIAN THEATRE, OXFORD, THURSDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2012, 4.00-5.30PM When complex issues arise, involving serious debate, sound […]

Conversations with Historians – Christopher Hill BBC Radio 4 14 October 1991

Early Modern Intellectual History Seminar Programme

Oxford University; Hilary Term 2012 Graduate Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History: ‘Scientific and Other Mentalities in Early Modern Europe’ Convenors: Prof. Maclean and Dr Malcolm All Souls (Hovenden Room), Wednesdays 5.00 p.m. 18 Jan: Dr Frédérique Aït-Touati: ‘Narrative, Fiction and Hypothesis in Seventeenth-Century Cosmological Writing, from Kepler to Huygens’ 25 Jan: Prof. Antonio Clericuzio […]