On the eleventh day of BU, Google gave to me…

… a moment of snowy bliss!

…the best of BU LipDubs


…super cute (and cheap!) holiday panties!

…So much free coffeeeeeeeeee!

…Some hope that I’ll be okay.


…a HILARIOUS finals freakout

…an epic night at Tequila Rain

…FREE Sunset Nachos

and suuuupperr cheap massages!

Hey there, Terriers!

TOMORROW’S THE LAST DAY OF FINALS! WOO! (lol I’m blogging this from home…)

Hope you’re all surviving. But, if you’re like me, you’re sick of this lack of snow. Yeah, the stress of exams seems to suck all the happiness out of the holiday season, but usually a bit of snow cheers me up. So… where is it!?

Have no fear. Head over to GOOGLE.COM and type in “Let it snow” and let the magic unfold. Your screen will begin to cover with snow and frost until everything blurs over. You can wipe the snow away by clicking your mouse (or by clicking “defrost” in the corner, but that’s a lot less cool).

Screen shot 2011-12-20 at 8.23.45 PM

So yeah. Just when you thought you had dried out all your procrastination resources… BOOM.

Keep being you, BU, and enjoy the digital flurry.


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