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On the seventh day of BU, Ziskind gave to me…

…So much free coffeeeeeeeeee! …Some hope that I’ll be okay. …NO MORE CLASSES!!! …a HILARIOUS finals freakout …an epic night at Tequila Rain …FREE Sunset Nachos and suuuupperr cheap massages! Hey again, Terriers! GREAT NEWS. If you have a caffeine addiction like me, and you’re camped out in the GSU (also like me) there is […]

On the sixth day of BU, Dory gave to me…

…some hope that I’ll be okayyyyyy. annnnnd …NO MORE CLASSES!!! …a HILARIOUS finals freakout …an epic night at Tequila Rain …FREE Sunset Nachos and suuuupperr cheap massages! Good morning, terriers. Sorry I missed you yesterday but I just couldn’t think of something awesome to give you on the sixth day. Never fear, though, because I […]

On the third day of BU, Senior Week gave to me…

…an epic night at Tequila Rain! …FREE SUNSET NACHOS! (Day 2) and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1) Tonight, Senior Terriers… tonight. Head down near Fenway with your fellow soon-to-be graduates for another night of fun and mayhem (oops, did I say that?), this time at Tequila Rain. Be sure to dress in some hideous holiday […]

On the second day of BU, gave to me…

…FREE SUNSET NACHOS. and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1) Hey Terriers, I bet you’re eating tons of junk during these stressful weeks, so why not continue the trend with some mouth-watering nachos from Sunset Cantina!, a food service here in Boston (similar to Grubhub and others), is sending a representative to the GSU tonight […]

It Has Never Felt So Great to BU

Hey there, Terriers, Read this and love your life: Boston University Named the Best Place to Go to School in the Country As if we needed proof that we’re the best university in the Boston area, now we have it in writing. And we’re not just better than our hometown rivals like BC, Northeastern and […]

You SOOOOOO Funny, BU!

Hey there, Terriers! A quick reminder for all you folks looking for some plans before you hit the town Friday night: BU Central is hosting the “BU’s Funniest Student” competition (Round 1) from 8:30 – 11:30pm! We all need a laugh by the end of these stressful academic weeks, so come see the funniest comedians […]

BU Big Brother?

Hey Emma, was that you I saw wearing a blue rain coat? And Kelsey… you shouldn’t open your umbrella inside like that. It’s bad luck! What is Kedzie rambling about, you ask? BU’s LIVESTREAM of the GSU LINK! Yeah, that’s right. You might not have known, but on the Alumni Association’s website there are webcams […]

BUQ Launches Video Promotion

Still haven’t see the quidditch team fly? Check out this promotional video for the team as they prepare to hit NYC next weekend. World Cup V Intimidator from VicKelman on Vimeo. Seeded 9th in a field of nearly 100 teams, BU will look to bring home its fourth championship title of the year, this time […]

TERR12R-ific Halloween

This one goes out to all you BU seniors who haven’t gotten enough Halloween just yet. Monday night (HALLOWEEN NIGHT), get your second, third or maybe even fourth costume of the weekend ready for a night on the town, Terrier style. Over at the Landsdown Pub BU is throwing us our first BU senior event […]

Let’s Do This, TERR12RS.

Watch this video on YouTube –Kedzie