Behind Visions 2012: “What the Funk?” by Megan Pisani

My piece this semester is all about having fun and letting out that funky, quirky self that we all have inside of use. In past semesters, I have drawn inspiration from very serious, personal experiences and while my initial inspiration for this piece comes from an emotional place, I have chosen to turn it into an all out dance party. During my audition last semester, someone told me how funny I was. I never really thought anyone except for me thought that I was funny because it was difficult for me to let that side of myself out around certain people. This year by surrounding myself with people who encourage my quirky ways, I was able to let that funny personality out and have the confidence to put it on the stage. I no longer care if people think I’m a fool because the people that matter to me support who I truly am—a quirky, funny person who isn’t afraid to be just that. It’s my last semester in DTG, so it’s about time I go out with a bang.

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