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Class #2 Afro Jazz with Ann Brown Allen

Class # 1 Modern with Micki Taylor-Pinney

Dance Showcase 2012

Come join your fellow DTGers and BU community in a performance of works by Faculty and Guests of Boston University. Friday, September 28th @8PM Saturday, September 29th @8PM Companies/Choreographers: Aerialicious Entertainment/Gina DeFreitas DanceVisions, Inc. /Margot Parsons KAIROS Dance Theater/DeAnna Pellecchia & Ingrid Schatz Lorraine Chapman The Company Lynn Modell with Ann Brown Allen, Carlo Rizzo […]

Behind Visions 2012: “Perfection” by Micki Taylor-Pinney

Last fall, I recalled how many times I had heard my suburban neighbors tending their lawns. I thought of the patterns they made, mowing one direction and then another, and the sound of the machines – the mowers, trimmers, and the leaf blowers. Sometimes there were swarms of men mowing, raking, and trimming. And this […]

Behind Visions 2012: “Hey I Like You Let’s Be Friends” by Gracie Novikoff

I’m not very good with words. So many times in my life, I have prepared a speech in my brain of exactly what I want to tell this one particular person. Sometimes it’s to say thank you, sometimes it’s to tell them how disappointed I am, and sometimes its just a never-ending rant. But alas, […]

Behind Visions 2012: Becca Kaughman’s Concept

I thought of the concept for this piece as I was lookingback over my time at BU. As a senior, I feel my experiences and the people I’vecome in contact with helped to shape the person I have become. Sometimes, situations have a way of getting you down and this piece explores the struggleinvolved in […]

Behind Visions 2012: “What the Funk?” by Megan Pisani

My piece this semester is all about having fun and letting out that funky, quirky self that we all have inside of use. In past semesters, I have drawn inspiration from very serious, personal experiences and while my initial inspiration for this piece comes from an emotional place, I have chosen to turn it into […]

Behind Visions 2012: “Pull It Together” by Natalie Schiera

Being my last semester at BU and thus my last semester in Dance Theatre Group, I knew that I would forever regret not choreographing for Visions 2012. I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t have any specific subject matter or music, I just knew I had to request a space and rehearsal time for […]

Behind Visions 2012: “The Seven Stages” by Kristin Wagner

There is a quote that I once saw, on Facebook of all places, that resonated with me deeply, and that now comes to mind as I begin to write about my experience choreographing this semester.  Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Go into the arts.  I’m not kidding.  The arts are not a way to make a […]

Visions 2012

Visions is coming up soon! April 20th at 8pm & April 21st @ 4pm/8pm. Check out the facebook event to get more information!