Representing DTG!

photo contest entry

photo contest entry

class # 8- Hula!

This makes me want to go to Hawaii! Check out the DTGers tell a love story through dance!

class #7 – Belly Dancing

This was a super relaxing and fun class to take. We learned out to shake in so many ways! Watch our class warm up.

class #6- Modern with Gregory Kings

Man does he know how to make us work…. we tried!

class #5- Musical Theater with Tommy Coye

This class was a blast! What a great teacher and a fun dance! Watch us perform an excerpt from Catch Me If You Can.

Class # 4- Krump with Kevin Lawyer

We tried with all our might to learn the ways of Krump, but in the end, we left it up to Kevin to show you how it’s done. Check out Kevin break it down!

Let’s talk about….

Student Health wanted to drop some knowledge about safe sex, so we were called in to help.

Check out how we helped spread the word!

Class #3- Modern with Ingrid Schatz

Check out a clip from our class with Ingrid!

Class #1- Modern with Micki Taylor-Pinney

Class #1 with Micki Taylor-Pinney

A Must-See Dance Film

All dancers need to see this film! Pina and her dancers create the most innovative performances in the most interesting settings. Not only is the dancing amazing, but the filming is gorgeous. AND it is in 3-D, making the performances even more engaging as if you are watching a live performance.