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Congrats to BU’s 500+ Graduating Economists!

At the graduating ceremony this past weekend there were 15 PhD students, 245 MA/MAEP/MADE/MAPE degree candidates and 257 Bachelor of Arts degree recipients, a substantial increase over past years. In 1995 there were 15 PhD , 37 MA and 172 BA students! Well done!

Austin Frakt:

My colleague Austin Frakt, who also uses WordPress, has a terrific blog with a significant focus on health economics. Visit it at: _____________________________ Austin Frakt, PhD Boston University School of Public Health Health Economist Blog: Twitter: @afrakt

Kotikoff is running for president!

Our own BU Economics professor Larry Kolikoff is running for president. Here is his announcement. He is proposing to run in the American’s Elect party. Good luck Larry!