EC782 Slides and handouts

Review questions

Midterm review questions new for 2015

Final exam review questions  2016

Fluoride Slides 2016

Covered or covering soon:

Behavioral health topics, survey and Fudenberg et al 2012

Math derivation for cost of risk deriving ARA and RRA

Arrow 1963 Handout not required

Moral Hazard handout.

Moral hazard – Finkelstein results, including Oregon and Rand HIE

Rand HIE slides

NEJM Placebo effect Osteoarthritis

Einav and Finkelstein JEP  on adverse selection:

CutlerFinkelsteinMcGarry 2008 Heterogeneity in Selection

Ellis McGuire 1986

Ellis Provider Payment

Das and Hammer India Doctors 2007

Demo SAS program 2014 used for class with additional comments and examples

(should be able to execute in batch or interactive mode if SAS is installed on the computer)

Log from the above SAS program

Output from the above SAS program

Ellis Chen Luscombe, 2015 Comparisons of Health Insurance Systems in Developed Countries

Statistical Methods Highlights for Health Economists, 2015

Ellis Statistical Issues 2009

Ellis 2013 ACA Overview+Model of Risk Selection+Exchange Risk Adjustment

Ellis and Fernandez 2012 “Risk selection and Risk Adjustment Lessons from the Americas

2010 Affordable Care Act

Slides not yet covered

Three highly recommended videos.

Canadian Health Care System video by Aaron Carroll

US Health Care System Video by Aaron Carroll

Why are US Health Care costs so high? by John Green

2005 Meltzer Academy Health slides

2015 Arrow/NIHCM Award spreadsheet

Ellis and Mwabu 2004

Altman, Cutler and Zeckhauser.

Steve Brill, Bitter Pill, 2013, plus antitrust and pricing slides

Gertler and Gruber,AER 2002

SAS programming tips 2014

2012 Dunn and Shapiro Powerpoint slides

2013 Midterm Review Questions

2013 Data resources

2013 Ellis slides on ACA Overview, Model of Risk Selection, and Some Details of Exchange Risk Adjustment.

Ellis and Manning 2007 combined with Ellis Jiang and Manning 2015 slides

1998 Ellis Creaming-Skimping and Dumping slides

HIV/AIDS slides

10 Facts and 41 Informed Conjectures About the Health Effects of F

Slides 1-63

Slides 64-133