Court Workgroup

As part of  the broader “Leisure and Social Change Across Asia” project funded by the BU Humanities Foundation, the Eurasian  Court Culture Workgroup focuses on the members’ research and methodological concerns in the study of court cultures in Eurasia from a  comparative perspective (Spring 2011 activities). Currently the group is also engaged in a new collaborative venture at Boston University, the Comparative Studies of the Premodern World Initiative.

Workgroup members and interests:

Gina Cogan (Assistant Prof., BU, Dept. of Religion): The Japanese imperial court and religion in the early modern period

Emine Fetvaci (Associate Prof., BU, Dept. of Art History):  Art, history writing, and politics at the Ottoman court

Eugenio Menegon (Associate Prof., BU, Dept. of History): Europeans at the Qing court

Sunil Sharma (Associate Prof. and Chair, BU, Dept. of Modern Langs. and Comp. Lits.): The politics of Persianate court poetry in Persia and Mughal India