04 Publications

Refereed Papers

Golden-Marx, E., Blanton, E.L., Paterno-Mahler, R., Brodwin, M., Ashby, M.L.N., Lemaux, B.C., Lubin, L.M., Gal, R.R., & Tomczak, A.R., 2019, ApJ, 887, 50, “The High-Redshift Clusters Occupied by Bent Radio AGN (COBRA) Survey: Follow-Up Optical Imaging,”

Paterno-Mahler, R., Blanton, E.L., Brodwin, M., Ashby, M.L.N., Golden-Marx, E., Decker, B., Wing, J.D., & Anand, G., 2017, ApJ, 844, 78, “The High-z Clusters Occupied by Bent Radio AGN (COBRA) Survey”

Non-Refereed Papers

Blanton, E.L., Paterno-Mahler, R., Wing, J.D., Ashby, M.L.N., Golden-Marx, E., Brodwin, M., Douglass, E.M., Randall, S., &¬†Clarke, T.E., 2015, IAU Symposium, 313, 315 “Extragalactic jets as probes of distant clusters of galaxies and the clusters occupied by bent radio AGN (COBRA) survey”