02 Teaching

At BU, I’ve had the pleasure of being a Teaching Fellow during the my first three semesters.  I’ve always been very interested in sharing my passion for astronomy with others and am pleased to have the chance to do so as a TF.

In Fall 2013, I was a TF in AS101 taught by Prof. Paul Withers.  In Spring 2014, I was again a TF in AS101 taught by Prof. Meers Oppenheim.  In Fall 2014, I was a TF in AS105 taught by Prof. Andrew West.  In Spring, 2017, I was a TF in AS102 taught by Dr. Nick MacDonald.  In Spring 2018, I was the head TF for AS100 taught by Prof. Michael Mendillo.  For my efforts working with students in this class, I was awarded the 2017-2018 Outstanding Teaching Fellow in the Department of Astronomy Award from the Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

AS101 is an introductory Astronomy course for non-majors taught at BU that focuses on the solar system.  AS105 is an introductory Astronomy course for non-majors taught at BU that focuses on exoplanets.  AS102 is an introductory Astronomy course for non-majors that focuses on stars, galaxies, and the universe.  AS100 is an introductory Astronomy course for non-majors taught at BU that focuses on a broad overview of some of the most interesting topics in Astronomy, from a historical look at early astronomy to star formation and cosmology.  For each of these courses, I was responsible for running weekly lab and/or discussion sections for the undergraduates, as well as weekly night labs for observing.

Selected Quotes from former students:

“Best TA I’ve ever met.  He is so patient all of the time and reply to email super fast.  Really helpful.”

“He is incredible.  By far the best TF I’ve ever had.  I’m bad at math and Emmet spent time during both his scheduled office hours and free time to help me with course material.  Very enthusiastic.  Very smart, very patient.”

“He’s the most amazing TF I’ve ever had.  Emmet is passionate, helpful, and understanding.  This course would not have been the same without him.”

“Emmet is a great TA.  We often hammer him with tons of questions about the lab, and he is patient enough to answer them all.  Good luck for him in the future.”

“Emmet is awesome!  He has a care for the students and good command of subject.  Will be an awesome professor someday!  Helpful and quick with feedback.”

“Emmet was really helpful in la sections, offering help and communicating instructions in an understandable manner. He was always prompt in providing feedback on the class and grades, and put in the effort to know his students.”

“He was the Man. Great TA, did everything perfect.”

“Is a great TA, one of the best I’ve had at BU. He is very knowledgeable and at the same time ready to help students and explain concepts.”

“Emmet was an amazing TA. He answered emails promptly and was always available for questions. I wish him the best.”

“He’s so enthusiastic”

“He was very kind and helpful in every lab, could not ask for a better TA”

“Emmet was a very kind and informative guy. I think he realizes he isn’t much older than his students so he isn’t overly authoritative, but he could be.  He clearly knows the material and was good at explaining unclear topics.”

“Emmet was a great TF. He prepared us well for the exams and gave me helpful insight during office hours.”

“So nice and helpful–one of the most helpful science TAs ever”

“Emmet is very kind and always open for questions”

“Emmet was a very good instructor and was very useful in helping me out in succeeding and making himself available.  He was a very Good TA who loves the subject and really likes sharing his knowledge with us”

“Emmet was a great TA.  I always left class feeling like I learned something interesting and new.  His own research is fantastic!  He was a very fair grader, and had a good sense of humor.  Would recommend, in peace.”

“Very well versed on the topic.  He cares so much about it and it makes discussion much more enjoyable”

“Emmet was clearly so passionate about what he does, and was always ready to help with anything I didn’t understand”