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Turkey and the EU

On November 10, 2005, Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University, gave a talk entitled Turkey and the EU: Ancient Battles, Current Anxieties and Future Prospects. Responding to Benhabib was Jenny White, Boston University Associate Professor of Anthropology.  Benhabib argued that Turkey’s accession to the European Union brings to […]

Legal Migration and the Fight Against Illegal Immigration

On November 7, 2005, Franco Frattini, Vice President of the European Commission and European Union Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, gave a lecture on Legal Migration and the Fight Against Illegal Immigration. Elizabeth Prodromou, Assistant Professor of International Relations, and Associate Director of the Institute of Culture, Religion and World Affairs at Boston University, […]

Two Ambassadors on Transaltantic Relations

On October 26, 2005, the Institute hosted aq panel discussion on the transatlantic relationship (Two Ambassadors on Transatlantic Relations), with John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and current Ambassador of the European Union to the United States; and Rockwell Schnabel, former Ambassador of the United States to the European Union. The panelists were introduced […]