The EU for You podcast originated as a project of the Institute for Human Sciences (IHS) at Boston University. The IHS was established in November 2001, in partnership with the Vienna-based Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM), in response to growing tensions in the transatlantic relationship. Its programs explored the differences in culture, values, and national experience between the United States and Europe, with the goal of improving transatlantic cooperation and understanding. In 2007, the IHS began to collaborate with the European Commission Delegation in Washington DC in bringing knowledge of the European Union, its policies, and institutions to a broader North American public. The EU for You podcast was developed as part of an initiative entitled “Getting to Know the European Union: Member States in Focus.” On the EU for You podcast, we you will hear a variety of European perspectives on politics, literature, and culture.

The goal of the podcast was to engage the public in a serious debate on the European Union that goes beyond its political and structural aspects and considers the deeper meanings of “citizenship.”