Refereed Publications

The Old Nearby Star Cluster Loden 1: Neither Old, nor Nearby, nor a Cluster           Han, E., Curtis, J., Wright, J. 2015, AJ, 152, 7H

Exoplanet Orbit Database. II. Updates to                                         Han, E., Wang, S., Wright, J., Feng, Y., Zhao, M., Onsi, F., Brown, J., Hancock, C. 2014, PASP, 126, 827H 

The Exoplanet Orbit Database
Wright, J., Onsi, F., Marcy, G.,
Han, E., Feng, Y., Johnson, J., Howard, A., Valenti, J., Anderson, J., Piskunov, N. 2011, PASP, 123, 412

Full CV: CV_Han