EC 201: Microeconomic Theory

Course Objective: The goal of this course is to teach you how to think rationally about the world and to give you a framework for examining how people, businesses, and governments make decisions. We’ll study consumer theory and market demand, business decisions and market supply, and then a variety of market structures and market failures. If this all sounds a great deal like the description of whatever introductory level micro course you took there’s a good reason – we’re going to cover much of the same material, but with much greater depth and sophistication. In particular, calculus will be an important tool for both numerical solutions and proofs.

Office Hours: My office hours will be Monday 4-5 and 2-3 on Fridays. If you can’t make either day feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about being on campus at some other mutually agreeable time. I’m also happy to try and answer questions here and there via email, though, since the course will be relatively graph-intensive, plain text is often a poor way to convey information.

Course Website: (BU Login Required)