I’m currently a PhD candidate, working in Reinhard group’s Nano/Bio Interface Lab in Boston University Photonics Center and Chemistry department.

My current field of research is developing a nano-technology-based multi-modal approach for investigation (quantification and visualization) of envelope components of viruses. This will give us a novel robust tool to study the surface of biological nano/micro-organisms, while breaking the concentration limits of conventional quantification methods and resolution limits of optical microscopies. An example of its applications is studying the surface of HIV-1, on patient-derived samples and investigating the performance of drugs on disabling the infectious virus.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and listening to classical music, watching movies and studying philosophy. Some of my favorite musics are western classical musics such as Beethoven, European traditional musics such as Celtic or Irish fiddle and Spanish Flamenco, and Persian traditional music in works of masters such as M.R. Shajarian, H. Alizadeh, K. Kalhor, Kamkars, K. Saket, etc.