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Summary: I am an accomplished engineer and researcher with a major experience in biosensing, microscopy and nanotechnology, for diagnostics device and fundamental technology development, with 8 years of team-work experience in several engineering and science research groups. I have worked on 12 projects as project leader or collaborator which have resulted in one patent and 14 publications, so far, in a variety of fields. Consequently, I have gained an extensive list of experimental and computational skills in both engineering and biology disciplines.


What I have done during my PhD:

Biosensing/Virus Research:
• Led 2 major technology development projects for the purpose of “optical biosensing of viral lipids and membrane fluidity” based on the localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) of metallic nanoparticles.
• The techniques are developed and now established in the field of virology as shown through my 5 related publications.
• Collaborated with world-famous scientists (Profs. Eric Freed and Alan Rein) from National Cancer Institute (NCI) of NIH in Maryland and Boston Medical Center on characterizing their MLV and HIV virus samples, using my developed assays.
• Performed rigorous image and signal processing through programming in Matlab on shared computing clusters (SCC) which required designing new algorithms.
• Designed Artificial Virus Nanoparticles (AVNs) to mimic and optically track the behavior of viruses in-vitro and in-vivo.

Sensors/Optics Design:
• Developed an ultrasensitive refractive index sensor by coating fiber brag gratings with gold nanoshells.
• Fabricated and characterized (through high-res TEM) gold nanoparticle chains with tunable sub-nanometer gap sizes useful for novel solar cell and computer applications.

Nanotech/Cancer Therapeutics:
• Designed special spherical and rod-shaped EGF-coated nanoparticles for nano-conjugation induced apoptosis in cancer cells.
• Performed statistical design of experiments for reagent development; surface engineered nanoparticles with DNA, PEG, lipid bilayers, etc.; characterized them through electron microscopy and optical spectroscopies (such as UV-Vis and fluorimetry); and imaged them on cellular and viral membrane by dark-field microscopy to acquire optical images and signals.


What I have done during my Master’s:

Biosensor Device Fabrication / Production line Design and Implementation:

• Created a collaboration between a group of 5 engineers to redesign an electrochemical biosensor (for blood glucose and urea measurement) and build a semi-industrial production line.
• Built a biosensor test strip by micro-printing silver-ink electrodes and an enzyme-cellulose dispersion on a PET substrate.
• Designed and built a small multi-step production line for the biosensor strips, in cooperation with mechanical engineers.
• Built an accurate digital monitor for the biosensor by designing its circuitry, in cooperation with electrical engineers.


Recent projects:

  • Applying the dark-field microscopy-based techniques that I’ve developed on in-depth analyses of HIV-1, HIV-2 and MLV viruses in collaboration with the Boston Medical Center (Rahm Gummuluru) and the National Cancer Institute (Alan Rein and Eric O. Freed). Published in Virology and mBio.

  • Producing artificial virus nanoparticles (AVNs) based on lipid-wrapped glycosphingolipid-functionalized gold nanoparticles to mimic the behavior of HIV, established in Reinhard and Gummuluru groups at BU. Published in Analytical Chemistry and Nature Communications. (My contributions: nanoparticle surface conjugation, ICP-Mass Spectrometry and electron microscopy).

  • Nanofabricating linear gold nanoparticle chains with controlled size and gap separations in Reinhard group. Published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters(My contributions: HR transmission electron and optical microscopy).

  • Surface engineering of nanoparticles for enhancing the EGFR-mediated apoptosis of cancer cells in Reinhard group. Published in Biomaterials Science(My contributions: nanoparticle surface conjugation, in-vitro cell apoptosis assays and electron microscopy).

  • Microfabricating plasmonic nanoshell functionalized etched fiber Bragg gratings for highly sensitive refractive index measurements in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. Published in Optics Letters. (My contributions: chemistry consultations, nanoparticle preparation and microfabrication through etching).

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I enjoy arts, especially playing and listening to classical, traditional and folk musics (I’ve had some performance with my band as can be found on my YouTube channel!), studying philosophy, psychology, etc. and sports (I’m a marathon runner, I casually swim, and play soccer and volleyball).