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Gordon Research Conference 2014

The GRC 2014 finished with some posters being selected to be presented again on the last day including mine. The following is a group photo of the attendees:

GRS group photo

GRS on “Noble Metal Nanoparticles” finished on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. Here is a group photo of the attendees:

Gordon Research Conference (GRC)

GRC 2014 has begun since last evening with the great talks of Federico Capasso on advances in metamaterials and Sharon Goltzer on entropic assemblies. It was continued today with a Plasmonics session which included talks of Alexander Govorov, Stephan Link and Jill Millstone. Also, I’ll present my poster today on characterization of viral surfaces using plasmon coupling […]

Gordon Research Seminars (GRS)

The last two days have been scientifically very fruitful days for me in Gordon Research Seminars (GRS), the “Noble Metal Nanoparticles” session in Mount Holyoke, MA. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the student talks and see posters of the best researchers of the field from all over the globe. Also, we had the […]

Stanford and Dionne’s Lab

It was a great pleasure to visit the beautiful campus of Stanford University on June 12th, and meet Prof. Jennifer Dionne’s group. I have to acknowledge the hospitality of Sassan Sheikholeslami and Andrea Baldi who showed me the labs and facilities that their group utilizes throughout the researches.

CLEO 2014

I presented a part of my research this morning, June 9th, in “Advances in Molecular Imaging” session of CLEO 2014. The details of the talk will be added to the “Publications” page of this website. In addition, I enjoyed attending the short course of “Plasmonics” taught by Prof. Mark Brongersma of Stanford University. It was a […]

CLEO 2014

I checked in the CLEO 2014 today and found the opportunity to attend the Howard Schlossberg’s retirement symposium and listen to the fantastic talks of a few outstanding scientists who had relied on his funding from DOD for many years. Interestingly, his supports have resulted in the invention of many useful biomedical supplies based on Optics and […]

NSF-funded REU students

I will be mentoring Beatrix Setyono during this summer through a project related to my PhD thesis. She is among a small number of students selected to be admitted to Boston University for an NSF-funded REU program to obtain experimental skills required for their graduate studies. My last year’s REU student, Ethan Edmans, is now […]