Gordon Research Seminars (GRS)

The last two days have been scientifically very fruitful days for me in Gordon Research Seminars (GRS), the “Noble Metal Nanoparticles” session in Mount Holyoke, MA. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the student talks and see posters of the best researchers of the field from all over the globe. Also, we had the opportunity to have Prof. Catherine Murphy around as the vice chair of the session, and use her vast knowledge of nanotechnology and academic careers in general. Most importantly, I presented the latest findings of my research in the field of sub-diffraction-limit characterization of viral surfaces through nanoplasmonics, in a poster. This will be followed by Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on the same topic during the following week with various professors of the field giving talks, to which I’m excitedly looking forward.

2014-06-17 08.09.06

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