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Here I’ll announce the talks I am going to give in future.

ACS Fall 2015 at Boston

Last week I attended the ACS conference at Boston. On Monday, August 17, I gave a talk in the division of Physical Chemistry, “Molecular Biophysics: Revealing the Interplay between Different Forces & Effects in Biochemical Processes” session. My talk was titled “Tracking viral membrane molecular dynamics through temporally-resolved plasmon coupling microscopy” and it was the […]

Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine

This week I’ve been attending the 3rd one of this annual workshop arranged by the lab of Ali Khademhosseini of Harvard. I have enjoyed the talks of several great scientists of the field including Joanna Aizenberg, Roger Kamm and Paul Weiss, in addition to meeting other young researchers. Also, I’m glad I had an opportunity […]

GRS group photo

GRS on “Noble Metal Nanoparticles” finished on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. Here is a group photo of the attendees:

Gordon Research Seminars (GRS)

The last two days have been scientifically very fruitful days for me in Gordon Research Seminars (GRS), the “Noble Metal Nanoparticles” session in Mount Holyoke, MA. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the student talks and see posters of the best researchers of the field from all over the globe. Also, we had the […]

CLEO 2014

I presented a part of my research this morning, June 9th, in “Advances in Molecular Imaging” session of CLEO 2014. The details of the talk will be added to the “Publications” page of this website. In addition, I enjoyed attending the short course of “Plasmonics” taught by Prof. Mark Brongersma of Stanford University. It was a […]


My abstracts have been accepted to CLEO 2014, San Jose, CA for the Advanced Molecular Imaging session and Gordon Research Conferences and Seminars, South Hadley, MA for the Noble Nanoparticles session, both to be held in June, 2014.