December 11

FileMaker Go For iPad/iPhone Tops 500k Downloads

By Hakan Rudy Seber

Great Article sent to me by a fellow member:


October 17

Triggering Server-Side Script from Client

By Hakan Rudy Seber

Question: Can you trigger a script from the FileMaker client so that it runs on the server rather than on the client machine?

Why would we want to do this?
If you are using the “extbulk.bu.edu” mail server for sending out emails to a large number of recipients, you have to be either connected to the BU network via a LAN connection (be on-campus) or be using VPN. But if we could have the script that sends the emails always run from the FileMaker Server that lives on-campus, then we need not worry about how the client is connected.
NOTE: BU Hosted FileMaker databases require VPN to connect to them, so this may seem redundant for this purpose, but there is potential for a lot of other uses.

Answer(s): After much research and hearing back from developers on FM TechNet I have discovered:
1) This is not supported natively by either FileMaker Server 11 or 12 but there are some overly complicated ways to achieve this, though that is just my opinion and I have included three of them for you below:

2) There are some third party applications, 360 Works RemoteScripter and Troi Activator, that will allow you to run scripts from remote machines, but would require you to use a robot on your FileMaker server and most developers agree that this is not a preferred method.

3) One person wrote me back with a Blog Post that was inpsired by this very question, his solution is very cool but only accommodates Web Publishing Scripts Steps (so no sending mail natively)

4) There is a method posted by a developer that may be of some help, though very complicated:

“One way to accomplish your goal might be to use the following kludge:

Define a field in “parameters” table (or “settings” table) to be dedicated to client-to-server communication.

Write a script that would run on the client side to set this field to some non-empty value to indicate the server-side script needs to run.

Schedule your server-side script to run every x minutes. (Use whatever interval satisfies your needs.) The server would check the field in the parameters table to see if the client has requested the server-side processing. If the filed is empty, just have the server-side script exit. If it is not empty, have the server side script do it’s thing. When the server side script finishes the required processing, it would clear the field in the parameters file.

Of course you can get more sophisticated by using a semaphore to prevent simultaneous access to the field in the parameters table by both client and server scripts. You could devote additional fields in the parameters table to pass details from the client to the server script, so the processing on the server side could be customized to handle different kinds of requests or the same request for different records, etc.

Of course this approach doesn’t give you immediate results from the server-side processing, but it beats using a robot by a long shot …” – HTH

October 10

Yet another reason to join TechNet

By Hakan Rudy Seber

FileMaker is excited to announce that a portion of the FileMaker Developer Conference 2012 Session Recordings is being added as a new TechNet resource. This is the first time we’ve recorded sessions at DevCon and we thought it was important that we share this information with our members. We plan to release one video per month for a total of 12 videos. These recordings will be posted in the Webinar and Video section of the Developer Community site.

The first recording posted is the following:

Title: FileMaker Server Configuration Best Practices
Speaker: Matthew O’Dell, FileMaker System Engineer

View now


September 5

New White Paper and Web Seminar Cover Creating and Managing Custom iPad and iPhone Apps

By Hakan Rudy Seber

Fast and easy business apps with the complete FileMaker Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – September 5 2012 – “FileMaker: Complete Platform to Create, Deploy, and Manage Custom iPad and iPhone Apps for Business” is the subject of a new white paper by FileMaker, Inc.

The new white paper describes how innovative businesses are developing custom iOS apps to reap benefits such as increased productivity, cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. It also highlights how custom iOS apps differ significantly from consumer-facing apps: they are data-driven, shared by employee workgroups, integrate with existing business systems and require strict security.

The white paper explains the lifecycle for custom iOS apps and how the complete FileMaker Platform makes it easy to design, build, integrate, deploy, manage and secure the apps. The Platform also offers uniquely easy ways to instantly update apps as business needs change, without requiring users to download new versions of the app.

Real-world examples of custom business apps and their benefits are also discussed:

Austin Convention Center – Replaced paper-based work orders with iPad apps, saw 200% annual ROI.
Lee Medical – Using iOS apps to help reduce hospital-acquired infections, increase efficiency and protect confidential patient records.
Rampart Hydro Services – Instead of submitting data on spreadsheets, paper forms and handwritten notes, deploying iOS apps to track information from many jobsites, maintaining timely and consistent data from the field.
The FileMaker Platform consists of FileMaker Pro desktop software (Windows and Mac) for designing and building apps, FileMaker Server to manage and deploy them and FileMaker Go, a free download from the App Store, to run the apps on iPad and iPhone.

Augmenting the white paper, FileMaker offers a free webinar titled “A Complete Platform to Create and Manage Custom iPad and iPhone Business Apps.” The webinar presents a concise overview of the FileMaker Platform and a detailed how-to demo on creating iOS apps.

For more custom iOS apps case studies and helpful resources, please visit http://www.filemaker.com/solutions/ios/app-platform.html.

About FileMaker, Inc.
FileMaker is the leader in easy-to-use database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest companies, rely on FileMaker software to manage, analyze and share important information. The company’s products are the FileMaker line – versatile business software for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web – and Bento, the personal database for Mac, iPhone and iPad. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple.

Customer contact:

August 27

How a company like Target uses FileMaker

By bennettg

Hi all –

I came across an interesting article this weekend and thought I’d share it with the group. It describes how a large corporation like Target finds innovative ways to use FileMaker to meet some of its complex business needs.

Take a look!


– Bennett

August 14

SSL now available on IS&T server

By bennettg

Hi all –

I wanted to let everyone know that as of this week, SSL encryption is available for the Instant Web Publishing (IWP) engine running on the IS&T FileMaker server.

If your application is hosted on the IS&T server and already has IWP enabled, you can log in to the secure site at https://ist-filemaker.bu.edu/fmi/iwp

If you are interested in migrating an IWP solution to the IS&T server, open a ServiceNow ticket and mention my name in your message.

– Bennett

July 15

About Us

By Hakan Rudy Seber

Welcome to the Boston University’s FileMaker Developer Group Homepage.

Our group is made up of existing Boston University employees who are developing, or are interested in developing, FileMaker solutions. We are here to help and support each other with our implementations. We have a list serv “fm-list@bu.edu” as well as this site to post questions, solutions, and discussions.

If you would like the ability to post both to the list serv, this page, as well as receive emails with event details, please email me at hrseber@bu.edu

Hakan Rudy Seber
Systems Support Specialist II, Boston University Global Programs