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In a Dream DVD

By robertr

in_a_dreamOver the last few years, In a Dream, the feature-length documentary produced Boston University alum Jeremy Yaches has made its way around the festival and theatrical circuit, and has now made its way to DVD.  The film follows the life of mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar as he covers Philadelphia with this beautiful, family-oriented, expressive, and sometimes sexual works of art.  Yet the heart of the film is more than just the journey of an artist and his medium; director Jeremiah Zagar, the subject’s father, infuses the struggles of their family into the movie until they are inseparable.  The result is a wonderful film.

In their own words:

“Over the past four decades, Isaiah Zagar has covered more than 50,000 square feet of Philadelphia with stunning mosaic murals. In A Dream is a documentary feature film that chronicles his work and his tumultuous relationship with his wife, Julia. It follows the Zagars as their marriage implodes and a harrowing new chapter in their life unfolds.”

When the film screened at the MFA last year, Kelly Smart and I were lucky enough to sit down with Jeremy, Jeremiah and his parents, Julia and Isaiah for nearly an hour-long interview.  All four of them were open to answering the tough questions that we had for them–the film being about the struggles of their own family and all.  We’ll re-post that interview soon, but for now, head over to their site, give the trailer a look, and perhaps help out a BU alum by purchasing the dvd.

-Rob Ribera



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