Homework on Electrostatics

Due on Thursday Jan 9 for Hufflepuff
Due on Wednesday Jan 8 for Ravenclaw and Slytherin

  1. Read Blog entry on atomic theory
  2. There are several important links such as those on Brownian Motion and Democritus which you should explore.
  3. The textbook has a more detailed account, so feel free to skim the text. Ch. 11, pp. 197-199 (Atomic Hypothesis), pp. 201-205 (Atomic Structure, Elements, and Isotopes);
  4. Read file posted on First Class on Democritus.
  5. WebAssign: Atomic Nature of Matter
  6. InterLACE: Atomic HW

Due on Friday Jan 10 for Hufflepuff and Slytherin
Due on Thursday Jan 9 for Ravenclaw

  1. Read the Textbook Ch. 22 pp. 382-387  OR the Blog Posting on Electric Charge 
  2. Read as much as you like of the document by Thales posted on First Class. I have highlighted the two relevant passages.
  3. Read Brewer  pages 3-4 show the thinking of the time that electricity was a fluid (in fact two types of fluid)
  4. Read William Gilbert, De Magnete, p. 79:    Gilbert is awesome. Read from the start of the section if you would like a better taste.
  5. Read the first six paragraphs of this article by Tesla:
  6. Web Assign on Electric Charge
  7. InterLACE on Electric Fluid

Due on Monday for Jan 13 for Slytherin and Hufflepuff
Due on Tuesday Jan 14 for Ravenclaw
•    Review Lab report planning and assignment of tasks
•    Start outlining in details different parts of the report on InterLACE
•    Start doing research for the introduction
•    Answer ALL questions in the Pendulum Lab Report activity

Due on Tuesday for Jan 14 for all houses
•    Read Blog   http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-py-25/from-franklin-to-the-coulomb-force/
•    Read workbook examples 1-2 on p 198
•    Do workbook exercises 1-5 on p 199-200
•    Read Text: pp 387-393 (Conductors & Insulators, Superconductors, Charging, Charge Polarization)
•    Do Web Assign on Conductors/Charging

Due on Wednesday for Jan 14 for Ravenclaw  and Slytherin
Due on Thursday Jan 15 for Hufflepuff
Textbook Read pp 392-395 on the Electric Field

  1. Read http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-py-25/electrostatics-and-electricity/charge-in-an-electric-field/
  2. Worbook Do exercises 6-9 on the Electric Field
  3. Web Assign: Charge in an Electric Field
  4. Faraday came up with the field concept.  You could Read his initial publication:  http://books.google.com/books?id=yzgLAAAAYAAJ&dq=%22On+the+physical+character+of+the+lines+of+magnetic+force%22&source=gbs_navlinks_s        I particularly like paragraphs 3243 & 3245 as he compares magnetic field lines to gravity. In paragraph 3248 he discussed electric field lines   You should read where he discusses the lines of force on p 438.  Note the confusion as to the actual nature of these lines of force.

Due on Friday for Jan 16 for all houses

  1. •    Web Assign:  Electric Field of a Charge
  2. •    InterLACE: Electric Field HW
  3. •    Read http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-py-25/electrostatics-and-electricity/field-of-an-electric-charge/

Due on Monday at 10PM  Rough Draft of Pendlum Lab Reports