Types of assignments

Daily Homework: will be assigned on a daily basis, and usually gone over briefly in class that day.  If the assignment is not ready at the beginning of the class, it will be marked down as late. If you finish class-work early you should work on homework in class.  If you are late to class without an excuse, your homework will also be marked as late. Homework assignments more than two days late go down as an irreversible zero in my grade book. You may collaborate and work in groups on your homework.  You should show all of your work.  Merely copying the answer out of the back of the text or from your friend will not gain you credit for doing your homework.  Assignments will be given 1-2 weeks at a time over First Class. Homework assignments will consist of several parts.

Workbook Problems

Emphasize interpretation of problems and algebraic manipulation of variables. Numerical problems from the Problems Solving Exercises workbook should be done in the workbook and you must show all of your work to get credit.

Evaluated on: Timeliness of assignments; Completion of work;  Following proper methods;

Not evaluated on arriving at the exact correct answer

Web Assign

Homework questions from the Conceptual Physics text are listed in a syllabus posted on First Class.   Questions from the text Conceptual Physics will be answered via the internet through Web Assign  http://webassign.net/student.html

For homework, Web Assign is an on-line evaluation system for submission of homework assignments. As students have a hard copy of the textbook, they have the opportunity to work through the homework questions without being at a computer. Web Assign is merely the method for submitting the work.

For non-essay questions, Web Assign gives instantaneous feedback as to the correctness of the answer. Students have up to 3 chances in the case of a wrong answer. Students should attempt to complete an assignment according to the homework syllabus posted on FC. WA allows students 1 or 2 extra days to complete the assignment so students have the opportunity to discuss the question in the Physics Great Hall, in class or with the teacher. An excessive amount of time should not be spent on the assignments.


There will be a few InterLACE based questions for homework.  Sometimes you can view your peers’ answers immediately.  Sometime you cannot view others’ answers until you have posted yourself.  You will also be evaluated on your in-Class InterLACE postings.  Most importantly, InterLACE will be used as a digital lab notebook.


Lab Reports are pieces of formal writing, with an emphasis on writing skills.  As in all courses at the Academy, you are expected to use Primary Sources.  Reading about the experiments in their larger context and the history of the physics you are reporting on are also key elements of the reports.


Tests will be at the end of every unit (typically every 4 weeks). You will be given the equations for tests and be allowed to use your graphing calculator. Tests will be announced at least a week in advance. Detailed feedback will be provided on tests.  Low tests grades are allowed corrections for half the credit.  Quizzes can occur at any time and will not be announced.

Overall 1st semester grading:

Labwork: 10% for each lab report (two of them)

InterLACE and inclass discussion:  10%

HW: 10% for WB, 10% for Web Assign

Tests and Final Exam: 50%   three tests at 10% each and 20% for final exam

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