Category: Physics

Sept 16 Physics Teacher’s Blog

We have finished the first couple weeks of physics class at BUA. During the first two weeks we studied statics, inertia, and weight.  Towards the end the students struggled through an introduction to vectors and trigonometry.  We will revisit vectors when we get to dynamics in two weeks.  You can view a lot of cool […]

Robot Coach’s Blog Sept 12

FRC back to BU! I am very excited for the upcoming season.   This year, FIRST Robotics is returning to the BU campus.  There will be an FRC district event at BU April 2-3. Tuesday afternoon cleanup (Sept 15): the upperclassmen will be finishing to prepare the lab for the upcoming season.  We have a lot […]

July 23 Robot Coaches Blog

In BUTODAY there is a nice new article about the new College of Engineering specialization in Robotics.  BU does a lot of work with drones and quadcopters. CAD Workshop:  This coming Monday at 7PM at 15 Saint Mary’s Street.  Please sign up in advance on the doodle: Tech Savvy Success: We gave a nice […]

July 18th Robotics Coach’s Blog

U Design: We just finished a great two weeks helping out with College of Engineering U-Design Camp.  Divya, Neil, Nimish, Max, Buzy, and Simon were a great help as assistant teachers!   Many thanks to Jordan and Lenny for giving a great tour and a demo with our Scorpion.   Our new head of school, Ari […]

U-Design Flight School Monday

We had a great first day in U-Design’s Flight School. We began the day by having every student making a paper airplanes.  Although this might sound simple, the challenge is to see whose plane can stay aloft the longest time or the longest distance.  The hope being that by the end of the week, as […]

Jan 8 Robotics Blog

I have had LEGO Mindstorms on my mind a lot. I spent a couple hours on my front porch this evening talking to Lester, the coach for We Are Robo, the #3 FLL team in the USA and the #10 team in the world! You really should watch this video of the We Are Robo […]

July 3 Robotics Update

Coach’s Blog, July 3 A big welcome to our new VISTA Americorp member, Abigail Cohen! Many thanks to everyone who helped to move our materials back to the lab from EPIC.  We now need to organize the lab so it is usable and presentable for upcoming tours. VEX Update: We had rising sophomores Neil, Nimish, […]

Robotics Update June 25

Coach’s Blog June 25 Communications: If five days, the BUA Intranet, FIRST Class will go offline, so make sure you have migrated to your BU G-mail account.  We now have new google groups for the students and mentors.  One for parents coming soon.  There is a GoogleCalendar with all robotics events now, and you should […]

Robotics Update June 21

Beantown Blitz:Yesterday we performed well at the Beantown Blitz. We were ranked #8 going into alliance selection with our new rookie driver Nimish at the joysticks.  We were on the 6th seed alliance with 5122 and 5563.  And we won the Excellence in Engineering Award. Our first meeting for VEX will be on Sunday, June […]

MA STEM Finalist of the Year

Today I got to visit Gillette stadium and Patriot Place.  I was being interviewed as a finalist for the MA STEM teacher of the year.  While in the lobby, I noticed the playbill for the first Boston Patriot’s game which was played at Boston University. After the interview, I had to buy some LEGO Minifigures.  […]