Major Assignment Due Dates 2013-2014

Oct 1 (In class)    Physics Test

Oct 6 (10 PM)  Rough draft of lab report on Falling Objects

Oct 25 (In class) Physics Test

Nov 3 (10PM) Final draft of lab report on falling objects

Nov 19 (In Class) Physics Test

Dec 1 (10PM) Optional Rough Draft for Peer feedback on Lab Report

Dec 9 (10PM) Lab Report Due

Jan 20 (10PM) Pendulum Lab Report Rough Draft

Jan 26 (10PM) Pendulum Lab Report Final Draft

Friday Jan 31  (Academic Block) Test on Circuits

Feb 23 (10PM) Circuits Lab Report Rough Draft

Tuesday March 4th (Academic Block) Test on Thermodynamics

Mar 6 (10PM) Circuits Lab Report Final Draft