March 16

Next meeting on Mar 29! Co-hosted by the Global Health & Development Club/SMG

By margo520

Our next meeting is in two weeks on a THURSDAY this time! Many thanks to the Global Health & Development Club and School of Management for co-hosting this episode.

Where: 203 ERB, 44 Cummington St, Boston University Biomedical Engineering Department
When: THURSDAY, March, 29 4:30p pm to 6:30pm (refreshments at 4:15p)

- Amy Canham, BU Biomedical Engineering, on solar-powered technology for respiratory health


- Elizabeth Johansen, Director of Product Development at Design that Matter, on successfully bringing products to market in the developing world with a focus on Project Firefly phototherapy for jaundiced infants


- Dr. Andrew Schiermeier, Chief Executive Officer of Medicine in Need (MEND), on developing and manufacturing affordable vaccines and therapies focusing on TB, malaria and HIV

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