Maddie Thomas

College: School of Hospitality Administration

Degree: Hospitality Administration & Event Management, Psychology Minor

Maddie joined the team her freshman year to try something new and make friends at college. Since then, Maddie has become a dedicated member of the team. She studies hospitality, event management, and psychology. Her favorite memory on the team was when she was chosen to travel with the team for her first tournament. Her favorite part of water polo is going to practice after a long day and seeing all her friends (and then going to the dining hall). Although not competitive at heart, Maddie loves the exercise and the team. In her free time Maddie enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, doing ceramics, and hanging out with Pure. She has been President for the past two years and is the glue that keeps this whole team running!

“It’s all bullshit. You should just be whoever you are, and if they love you for that, then that’s great.”- Alexa Chung

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