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Teammates New & Old, One is Silver & the Other Gold

The BU Women’s Water Polo Club is excited to start a new year together in the upcoming weeks. With 14 players confirmed to return, the team plans to welcome talent old & new to the pool. We are also excited to welcome back Joanna Chan, head coach for her third season with the team.


Are you returning?

Check out the blog updates including our 2017 coaching staff, E-Board, roster updates, and most importantly – our semester schedule. Our first optional practice for all returning players will be Wednesday, September 6 at 9pm. Stop by to reunite with friends & get back in the pool. Our first official practice will be on Monday, September 11th at 8pm – new players meeting & our first workout with Joanna.


Are you a new player looking to join?

Come visit our table at Splash on Nickerson Field on Saturday, September 9th at 1pm. After you signup, we will email you updates, including a reminder about our new player meeting: FitRec Pool Classroom, September 11th at 8pm. Following the meeting will be the chance to join the team in the water. Players of all skill levels are welcome. A swimming background is recommended.

For more info, email 


Furthermore, we are excited to share what our 2017 Alumni has been up to since graduation…

We are so proud of our graduates for all their accomplishments & new adventures. We hope to see them at our 2018 Alumni Tournament!


What have our graduates done for Summer 2017?

Roslyn Harrold
Psychology Major, Graduated December 2016

Roslyn graduated with her degree after 5 semesters at BU, which is unheard of (graduating in 8 is usually hard enough). She is currently working at a medical school in Dallas, Texas, studying depression across the lifespan. Her efforts are currently focused on a longitudinal study that’s seeking to improve diagnoses and treatment outcomes for mood disorders through the use of neural- and bio-markers. This summer she went camping with her friend Ellen she met at BU at Big Bend National Park – where the desert floor reached 150 degrees during her stay! She hiked the Chisos Mountains and crossed into Mexico – making friends with a Mexican cattle rancher. Although she has not been involved in polo since she graduated, she has been lap swimming to stay in shape.

Stay in contact with Roslyn & ask her where this photo was taken!


Leslie Fung
Public Health Major, Graduated May 2017

Leslie has decided to pursue nursing, eventually becoming a midwife. She began working towards her goal this summer, taking some related courses including microbiology. To earn some extra cash and hopefully some free delicious pastries, she started working part-time at Flour Bakery (the team can’t wait to go visit). Additionally she has been working with Sargent College’s Academic Counselor on a project to improve Sargent Advising, studied for & took the GRE, and started training for her practicum at Boston Medical Center’s Psychiatry Department. If you aren’t impressed yet, she also managed to fit in some traveling – going to NYC with her boyfriend, visiting her family back home in San Francisco, and is currently vacationing in Maui. In the fall she will return to BU to earn her Masters in Public Health, so hopefully we see her around the pool at least a few times. What a productive summer for Leslie!

Stay in contact with Leslie & ask her where this photo was taken!


Ali Nichols 
Marketing Major, Graduated May 2017

After graduating, Ali traveled for about two months. Her trips included Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Mallorca. She is currently spending a few weeks at home in Hawaii, and will be moving to LA at the end of this month. Although she is not sure which company she will be working with, she is in the final round interviews with some wonderful options. Once in the area and settled in, she plans to look for a polo team to join. We will sure miss Ali’s polo skills, bright smile, (& dabs) this year.

Stay in contact with Ali & ask her where this photo was taken!


Steph Borgstein 
Public Health Major, Graduated May 2017
*2017 BUWWP Vice President

Steph has traveled quite a lot since earning her degree. After visiting her family in the Netherlands, she spent two weeks in California – visiting LA, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park (where she went backpacking for four days). She is currently working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a research assistant in the Department of Oncologic Pathology. No matter where she ends up, she hopes to find a new polo team to call home.

Stay in contact with Steph & ask her where this photo was taken!


Ashley Reischman 
Mechanical Engineering  Major, Graduated May 2017
*2017 BUWWP Captain

To celebrate her graduation, Ashley’s family went on a trip to Africa, visiting South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. She currently works as a field engineer at Baylo in Woburn, MA, designing software that navigates autonomous trucks in warehouses. We are also excited to share that Ashley will be volunteer COACHING for the team. Ashley’s skills have carried the team through many tough tournaments, and we are excited for her to be joining us once a week at practice.

Stay in contact with Ashley & ask her where this photo was taken!


Allison “Durks” Durkan
Computer Engineering Major, Graduated May 2017
*2017 BUWWP President & Captain

Since the “fancy, expensive piece of paper,” Durks has been doing what we all expected – taking the world by storm (and working at Microsoft – in case you somehow missed that over the last year). Before starting her job as a software engineer, she drove cross-country with her older sister. In addition to helping her sister move to Seattle, she was able to visit two players on her route – Madie (in Chicago) & Mary (in St. Paul). This fall she will be joining Boston Metro Water Polo. Currently, the water polo team is trying to figure out how to function without this badass.

Stay in Contact with Durks & ask her where this photo was taken!


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This article was written by Maddie Thomas, Co-President BUWWP,

The Early Weeks

What’s up BU and all interested in reading about Women’s Water Polo!

BU Senior, Roslyn Harold, captured recruiting at SPLASH

Life under the water has been great, and getting to know our 15 new members has been awesome. We total to 33 amazing young women and we definitely will make a huge splash once the Spring season begins. This is not only because we have our cannonballs mastered, but because Splash was super successful…as if all the fantastic new recruits were not indicative of this fact. They have taken to the water, sport, and team naturally, and the past two weeks have been incredibly fun and rewarding for both new and old fishies. Teaching and team development has also been bolstered thanks to the coaching efforts of Adrienne Ingalla and Sean Hughes, who grace us with their immense polo knowledge. Through plenty of leg/swim sets as well as some good old fashioned scrimmaging, the girls are shaping up well in these early weeks.

Our ladies broke out the polo suits at this year’s SPLASH

Last weekend we supported Hub On Wheels, and helped hand out refreshments to the cyclists participating in the event. Cleaning up afterwards was great for team bonding, and we did our part to help fund raise for the year.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening and we’ll be keeping you all posted on the goings-on at BUWWP!

IMG_5641 (1)
Successful team bonding with the new recruits!

6:00AM lighting was crucial for this photo-op


Hello Terrier Nation!

The Fall semester is fast approaching and we are ready to kick-off a new school year. Interested in joining a sport? Try Women’s Water Polo! We are excited to welcome all newcomers regardless of experience level. If you wanna check us out here are some events to lookout for:


Saturday, September 10th 12:00pm-2:00pm at BU’s Nickerson Field. Representatives from most of BU’s clubs and organizations will be tabling and promoting their teams


Monday, September 12th 8:00-9:00pm at Fitrec’s pool classroom (located behind the hot tub). We will be having our first practice after the meeting!


Check us out on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates! Or email us at!

Water Polo Abroad

This past spring, Boston University Women’s water polo team had its first undefeated season, first league championship victory, it’s first earned trip to nationals, and received the honor of Club Sports Team of the Year. It was a fantastic season for everyone involved and was an important step for our team to become more competitive in an area of the country where water polo isn’t a prominent sport. However, a few of our key players were abroad for this historic season. And while they missed some of the excitement state side, they decided that just because they were studying abroad didn’t mean that they had to miss the fun of playing water polo. Allison Durkan and Ashley Reischman, both sophomores at the time, joined a men’s water polo team in Madrid, Spain at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and had an exciting season of their own.

[Allison Durkan, current junior in Computer Engineering]

Allison Durkan









As a freshman at BU, I joined the women’s water polo team with the hope of meeting a motivated group of young women that would inspire and encourage me to learn how to play a fun and exciting new sport. Not only did the team support me in the pool, but also the girls helped me with other parts of my life. I fell in love with the sport that year. During spring of 2015, my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. Studying in Madrid had been a dream of mine since the beginning of high school and was one of the reasons I chose to come to BU. So when I was accepted to the program, I was over the moon. However, studying abroad in the spring would mean that I would have to miss the tournament season for water polo. While in Madrid, the staff talked all the time about getting out of our BU bubble of friends, immersing ourselves in the culture and making Spanish friends. With this in mind, I decided to find a water polo team. I reached out to a few programs around the city, and tried out a few teams before I found one that clicked. There was a men’s recreational team at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I was taking classes, that I decided to join and it was without a doubt the best part of my abroad experience.

Practices were four nights out of the week, but like every other part of Spanish culture, the team was relaxed and it was not a big deal if you missed practice. At first when we joined, the guys were tentative with their defense and didn’t pass to us, probably because they weren’t used to playing with some fierce cheetahs. However, once we started pushing them around and kicking their butts, they loosened up and we began to actually be able to play water polo together as a team without restraint.

Everything about Spain was different than the USA, but the way they played water polo was one of the biggest differences. What would have been an ejection in our league was ignored and shooting from the top happened more than set shots. At practice, we would have shooting competitions and play with giant exercise balls. On the weekends, we would meet up for tapas and cervezas and the guys would laugh and help us with our Spanish. We would chat about politics and the differences between our cultures. That group of young men changed my view of Spaniards, helped expand my mind and made my passion for the sport grow more than I ever thought it could. Joining that team was the best decision I have ever made and I would not give up those memories for anything.

[Ashley Reischman, current junior in Mechanical Engineering]

Ashley Reischman

I started playing water polo my freshman year of high school as an off-season sport to competitive swimming. I had never played a sport that required such a wide variety of individual skills but also was extremely dependent on teamwork; I loved how important each player was and how much freedom the rules granted you to make something happen. After the first year with my high school team, I went on to play in major national tournaments where I learned so much about the sport by playing against the top teams across the nation. Although losing by a large margin of points in a game is no fun for anyone, playing these teams that were light years ahead of my own skill taught me new tricks and taught me how to play well when it’s seemingly pointless to try. Water polo has been a big part of my life since I was fourteen, and I was excited to find out that I could continue to play in college at BU without the extra pressure of being in a D1 team.

When I got my acceptance letter for the study abroad program in Madrid, I was ready to kiss water polo good-bye for a semester and I was anticipating losing a lot of my ability to play over the five months that I would be in Europe. But when I got to Europe, I heard that my teammate, Allison Durkan, was looking around for a chance to play in Spain and I tagged along with her to check out the team at the university we were attending. After the first practice with only four other players that showed up because it was what they called “advanced day” (a practice where they worked on developing skills rather than scrimmaging), it became clear to me that water polo in Spain was going to be very different from water polo in America. Pretty much all of the practices consisted of Allison and I floating around in the pool, pretending like we understood what the coach was saying to us, and then making things up as the practice proceeded. During the scrimmages, we had to learn how to play a lot rougher because a very small number of the rules were actually followed. Games were more about getting to play for the longest amount of time with the fewest interruptions. The coach even allowed us to referee a game because he wanted to play and he thought we knew the rules better than anyone else in the pool. Being on that team was by far the best part of my experience abroad. It fueled my desire to learn Spanish more than anything else, it kept me active, and it taught me so much about what it’s like to be a young adult in Spain. Those friendships and the memories of laughing as we struggled to understand each other are the moments that made my semester in Spain my best semester at BU.