We Need Your Help!

Hi everyone,

Habitat is helping an organization called Starlight, which works to
provide Boston’s homeless with clothing. As you may have noticed, there
are boxes in most of the residence halls and for the next few weeks, we
are hosting a clothing drive at BU. If anyone is interested in
monitoring the boxes in their residence hall or making posters for this
event to raise awareness, please email me and let me know. Otherwise,
please donate what you can and get your friends to help too!

Another even we need your help with is the Agganis clean-up, which will
be a week from tomorrow. Agganis will pay us $750 to clean up the arena
after the hockey game on Friday, November 21st. We will start at
9:30pm and we need as many volunteers as possible. The more members we
have helping, the faster it will go. Please email me to let us know if
you can help or to confirm that you can if you already signed up at the
meeting. This is a great Habitat bonding experience and will be fun, so
please please please come!

Emily Nolan
Secretary, BU Habitat for Humanity

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