Tuesday’s Meeting (01/22/2009)

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you were able to make it to our meeting Tuesday but if not,
here’s what we went over:

Zach gave a short introduction of what Habitat for Humanity at BU does.
We go on build trips, hold fund raisers and events to raise awareness,
go on a spring break trip, and this year we are working towards
sponsoring our own BU Habitat house in Bedford, Ma. Join our facebook

Next, Lauren talked about our spring break trip to Alabama this year.
The cost of the trip will be about $250 per person. We will be driving
to Birmingham, staying in a volunteer center, and do both home repairs
and building homes. Sign ups are next meeting, and the people who pay
first are the ones guaranteed a spot on the trip. Lauren will be
sending out an email soon with the exact price and details of the trip.
If you weren’t at the meeting to give her your email, let me know and
you can be added to the list of people interested in going.

Next Tuesday we are having a fund raiser after our general meeting. The
event is actually all day, if anyone goes to the Uno’s in Kenmore
with the attached coupon, 15-20% of what you buy goes directly
to our Habitat and oue Bedford House fund. We will have our meeting as
usual and head over to Uno’s as a group afterwards. Also, encourage
your friends to visit Uno’s anytime that day and use the voucher to
help us raise money.

Sleepout will be April 22-24. We sleep out on Marsh Plaza to raise
awareness and this year we are going to try to get sponsorship to raise
money as well. There is a Sleepout Planning Committee and if you missed
the meeting or didn’t get to sign up for it, let me know.

Last but not least, we have a bid fund raiser coming up very soon.  Our
Student Group Competition (it has yet to be named) is going to be
February 27th from 7-9 in Morse Auditorium. It will be a competition of
many of BU’s performing arts groups. The audience will make donations
in the name of their favorite group and the group that raises the most
money for Habitat will get a prize and hopefully some sort of
publicity. If anyone is a member or has friends who are members of any
student groups which perform, please
join our competition! Contact our fund raising chair Amanda at
ajcarloz@bu.edu with suggestions of groups or a name for the event.

Sorry this was so long and thanks for taking the time to read,
Emily Nolan
Secretary, BU Habitat for Humanity

to reply, email habitat@bu.edu

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