Please Read: Fundraising Opportunity

Hey Habitat!

We have a great opportunity to earn a lot of money for Habitat.  My
friend Alex just opened up his own real estate firm and wants to get
involved with Habitat.  He will donate a sizable amount of money for
each referral made by a BU Habitat member.

Promotion Details:

For each referral made by BU Habitat that leads to a rental, Hodara
Real Estate Group will donation the following amounts towards the BU
Habitat House:

$150 each of the first 5 rentals
$200 each of the next 5 rentals
$300 each rental after the first 10

The person from Habitat that makes the most referrals (minimum of 5)
will win a $200 American Express gift card and a feature on the front
page of the Hodara Real Estate Group website to honor them for their

How it works!
Fill in the form on the following link and a real estate agent will
contact the interested party:

For more information:
Contact Alex Hodara:
Address:   Hodara Real Estate Group
87 Glenville Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

Thanks so much for your support.

Zach Horowitz
Habitat for Humanity BU Chapter

P.S. I’ve known Alex since freshman year.  He is a very nice talented
individual and will represent you/your friends well during the
apartment search process.

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