First Meeting of the Year — TUESDAY NIGHT 8PM STOB50!!

Hey Everyone! This is just a reminder about our very first meeting of
the year coming up on Tuesday! And since some people have added
themselves to the mailing list since my last email, I am going to do a
slight recap.

For those of you who are new to our chapter of Habitat, here’s a
little background

The Habitat for Humanity organization is a non-profit group that
towards providing affordable housing for families all around the
world. The BU chapter usually sends two groups of students per
to a local site to help do construction, renovation, deconstruction,
and other fun stuff like painting. It’s really great and gives you a
good chance to meet people, do something a little different, and make
a huge difference for a family in need.

Our chapter is affiliated with Greater Boston Habitat for Humanity, a
really great affiliate that is currently working on an amazing
that we’re helping out with. The project entails renovating a bunch
old houses and apartment buildings on a few choice streets in
Dorchester that have been plagued with foreclosures during the
economic recession. This is a really important project (as all
projects are), but especially hits home since it is so close to us
here at BU. Make sure to come to the meeting for more information on
this project — we have a person from Greater Boston Habitat coming
to show a slideshow and give some more information about what they’re
doing and what we can do to help. It’s going to be really amazing and
hopefully will get you fired up for this year.

Number Two: The meeting! You’ll have the chance to ask questions and
find out more about our chapter and all of the exciting things we
planned for the upcoming year, including fundraisers, build trips,
etc. You will have the opportunity to sign up for our very first
trips and learn about our new committees. Also, we’ll be selling our
SHIRTS for only $10! They’re really snazzy and a must for any
Habitat-er. With that said…

DATE: Tuesday, September 15th
TIME: 8pm

Our meetings usually run an hour or less. I think that’s all the info
you need. We love new members and are really excited about the
upcoming year! Make sure to come and bring your friends!

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